Rust comes off at Tamworth candidates’ forum: @NewEnglandLady4 reports on #NewEnglandVotes

The stark difference between Independent and party-bound electoral candidates came into sharp focus at the Tamworth’s meet the candidates forum on Monday, May 6, with all eight candidates facing members of the New England constituency. The forum was reasonably well patronised, with over 400 people reported to have attended. ABC New England North West radio […]

All care, no responsibility for the media’s message: @NewEnglandLady4 comments on #AusVotes #NewEnglandVotes

New England voters are frequently ridiculed and rebuked for electing Barnaby Joyce. Spend enough time on social media and you’ll see it littered with negative comments about New England voters, questioning our intelligence and our rusted-on support. Criticising us may be somewhat misguided and counter-productive, especially given not all of us support Barnaby. But can […]

Will the real @Barnaby_Joyce please show up: @NewEnglandLady4 reports on #NewEnglandVotes

When federal Member for New England Barnaby Joyce cheated on his wife Natalie, many of his supporters maintained that it was a personal matter and not newsworthy. If the only issue with Barnaby was that he had an extramarital affair, I would agree — people make mistakes — but the enduring anger isn’t simply about […]

Misogyny changing minds in #NewEnglandVotes: @NewEnglandLady4 comments on #AusVotes19 #WomenVote

During a speech to mark International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019, Scott Morrison suggested that womens’ advancement should not come at the expense of men. For the Prime Minister to be openly saying this points to significant obstacles for womens’ voices being heard in this country, not only in parliament but at the ballot box. Australian […]