A gulag also known as ‘Working for your Folks’

By Su Dharmapala 7 August 2013 If the reports in the media were to be believed, young master Marcus Rudd joined the Rudd Family Firm, also known as the Kevin13 Election Campaign juggernaut, also known as the Australian Labor Party Election 2013 campaign. He joins his brother Nicholas who was appointed as an ALP adviser several […]

A journey to independence via Young Libs, Greens and a close call with ALP

By Su Dharmapala July 31, 2013 My first article last week about Deakin – Labor’s second most marginal seat – was met with predictable howls of foul play from the twitterati. “She is an ALP stooge, can’t believe a word she says,” they screamed. Okay, so it was single howl and not particularly loud, but […]

Deakin, Labor’s second most marginal seat: @SuDharmapala reports

View Larger Map Deakin Seat Profile By Su Dharmapala 25 July 2013 The Melbourne seat of Deakin could hardly have been an enclave of progressive voters considering its namesake was one of the founding fathers of the first Liberal Party. And looking at the voting history of the electorate confirms this. It has been held primarily […]