Albury Mayor, Kevin Mack (@Mack4Farrer) is the very strong independent challenger in, Sussan Ley's safe Liberal seat of Farrer.
Ley is a former member of former Prime, Minister Turnbull's Cabinet.
Ley became embroiled in an expenses scandal in January 2017 and resigned from the front bench shortly after.

20.5% margin
Area: 126,590 sq km
Location: South West NSW
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Farrer on Wikipedia
Kevin Mack: website

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Former Minister for Health Sussan Ley is under siege in her ultra-safe Liberal seat of Farrer in rural NSW, where Independent candidate Kevin Mack is putting in a strong challenge. Mr Mack is the Mayor of Albury and has taken leave for the duration of the federal election campaign. He spoke to No Fibs about […]

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The way I see it, every safe Coalition seat must be in play in the sense that quality indies ask tough questions incumbents are forced to answer. That requires courageous indies & committed, creative citizens because a weakened local media can’t do it. Ready to play? #ausvotes — Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) February 22, 2019 Hi. […]