Part 3 of NoFibs Australian election coverage 2016: @Qldaah #ausvotes #auspol #qldpol

Rolling coverage of the Australian election campaign for 2016. Table of contents Jump to comments section. Mathias knew nothing. What Mitch knew. Send in the cops. Medicare thaw. They took our jobs and growth. . (May 22, 2016) Day 15 – Mathias knew nothing Senator Mathias Cormann didn’t know about the raids Senator Mathias Cormann has […]

How will politicians help us die with dignity: Palliative care policy report

By Dr Yvonne Luxford August 26, 2013 I have never heard a politician say that they want to die in pain and suffering. In fact, nobody has ever told me that they don’t want high quality care at the end of their life. So why has this election campaign completely ignored palliative care? Have Australians stopped […]