#AusVotes Day 20 – Pauline loses another one: @qldaah #qldpol

April 30, 2019 – Table of contents Long walk to Canberra for climate action One Nation senate candidate Steve Dickson resigns The Nationals and One Nation closely aligned, says Michael McCormack Clermont horseman breaks down in court . Long walk to Canberra for climate action Wayne Jansson reports on Shannon Loughnane, a young man walking […]

#AusVotes Day 19 – Happy pre-polling day: @qldaah #qldpol

April 29, 2019 – Table of contents Independent campaign in Farrer heats up after pastoralist backing Coalition believes childcare changes will lead to communism Happy pre-polling day . Independent campaign in Farrer heats up after pastoralist backing Wayne Jansson has been following the activity in the seat of Farrer where a rural pastoralist, Rob McBride, […]

Fiery #FarrerVotes pastoralist blasts @sussanley, backs indie @Mack4Farrer: @jansant reports on #Watergate

Influential pastoralist Rob McBride (@TolarnoStation) whose video drew attention to the Menindee fish kill has thrown his support behind Independent candidate Kevin Mack (@Mack4Farrer) in Sussan Ley’s (@sussanley) NSW rural seat of Farrer. McBride has made a series of passionate calls for voters to elect Independents who support a Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin […]

#AusVotes Day 18 – A bit of policy: @qldaah #qldpol

April 28, 2019 – Table of contents A bit of policy Not happy Julia Injury at Clermont . A bit of policy Both the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and opposition leader Bill Shorten took to the stage among the faithful to announce new policy. Mr Morrison has decided to freeze Australia’s refugee intake in the […]

#AusVotes Day 17 – The anathema: @qldaah #qldpol

April 27, 2019 – Table of contents The anathema Anti-Adani and pro-Adani groups meet at Clermont . The anathema Clive Palmer has been labelled an “anathema” and a “tosser” by Labor’s Anthony Albanese in a fiery, five-minute appeal to voters not to choose the Coalition for their first preference after a deal was made to […]

#AusVotes Day 16 – Bad candidates: @qldaah #qldpol

April 26, 2019 – Table of contents Bad candidates Margo Kingston wants to clean up democracy . Margo Kingston wants to clean up democracy Charlie Caruso spoke to Margo Kingston about how No Fibs started, the power and role Twitter plays in the modern Australian political landscape and the contribution of citizen journalists in the […]

#AusVotes Day 15 – Done deal: @qldaah #qldpol

April 25, 2019 – Table of contents The deal between Clive Palmer and the Liberal Party is done Unhappy Gilmore . The deal between Clive Palmer and the Liberal Party is done One would have thought that the Liberal Party would want nothing to do with a guy that once worked alongside Queensland Premier Joh […]

#AusVotes Day 14 – #Watergate deadline passes: @qldaah #qldpol

April 24, 2019 – Table of contents Mackellar check-in Watergate deadline passes Scott Morrison launches territorial attack The conspiracy theory over BoM data rides into another day . Mackellar check-in Margo Kingston has spoken with Mackellar Independent candidate Alice Thompson. It’s that electorate next to Tony Abbott and was held by Bronwyn Bishop from 1994 […]

Alice Thompson calls for greater transparency in parliament: @margokingston1 #MackellarVotes #Watergate #podcast

In the wake of the ongoing #Watergate scandal, Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) talks to Alice Thompson (@Indy_Ally) Independent candidate for the Sydney Northern Beaches electorate of Mackellar. Alice provides further insight and context to Margo regarding her recent Twitter thread about integrity in government. My legacy in the PMO was to reduce the autonomy of incoming […]

#AusVotes Day 13 – Not my job: @qldaah #qldpol #Watergate

April 23, 2019 – Table of contents Not my job Hello again, Helloworld Climate denialism and conspiracy . Not my job “Not my job,” Barnaby Joyce thundered down the line to Patricia Karvelas in yesterday’s radio interview. Mr Joyce had been pressed to say if he knew Eastern Australia Agriculture had links to a tax […]