Wayne Jansson

Wayne Jansson

Chief reporter & photographer at No Fibs
Wayne Jansson is an Australian citizen journalist and photographer. He covered the seat of Indi during the 2013 federal election and since has covered the growth of the community independent movement.
Wayne Jansson
cathy mcgowan wangaratta
Retiring Independent Cathy McGowan MP (Indi) at Wangaratta. Photo: @jansant

Hi, I’m Wayne Jansson and this is a Margo Kingston’s No Fibs podcast.

I came to No Fibs via Twitter during the 2013 election campaign when Margo put a call out for citizen journalists to cover seats where they live.

I reported Cathy McGowan’s 2013 Indi campaign, in fact she was my first ever interview. As everyone knows, Cathy went on to defeat hard-right, Liberal heavyweight and minister-in-waiting Sophie Mirabella.

I watched Cathy go from being an election oddity when Tony Abbott took office in 2013, to her final speech in parliament, which was treated as a nationally-significant moment by media and parliamentary colleagues.

It’s a privilege to talk with the Member for Indi Cathy McGowan as she’s retiring from parliament for my first ever No Fibs podcast.