Margo Kingston, Peter Clarke and Tim Dunlop come together to talk through the transitions and transformations happening in the world at the moment as we all deal with Covid-19 pandemic. With regular guests from a range of occupations and disciplines, with minds wide open, and a heartfelt desire to see the best of what is possible at this weird moment in the history of the world, we hope #transitzone becomes your alt podcast of choice. #transitzone theme is by Ivan Clarke © at Pang Productions.

HERE IN THE #transitzone we have documented and examined, in some detail, the rise and evolution of the “Voices for” independents movement across Australia. We have spoken to founders of movements in specific electorates and independent candidates, including pathfinder, Cathy McGowan in Indi, in NE Victoria, and the independent who defenestrated former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, from his long held seat, Warringah, in Sydney, Zali Steggall. And we spoke with Mary Crooks the pioneer of the kitchen table conversations, community building methodology that was eventually fundamental to McGowan’s success in Indi and has been adopted by the independents’ movements.

And now the 2022 federal election campaign is approaching its half-way point, the independents movement’s significance is stark with mainstream media increasing its focus on and coverage of it by the day. The prospect of a “hung parliament” and the potential for a crossbench, including “Voices for” independents, to hold the balance of power is a constant topic for speculation.

This time in the #transitzone, a more behind-the-scenes look at creating an independents movement and, via community building, an actual election campaign.

The nuts and bolts of doing that.

Our guest is Louise Hislop. She was right in the centre of the campaign for the Zali Steggal Warringah win and is now an adviser to the independent Sophie Scamps’ campaign right next door in Mackellar, currently held by Liberal, Jason Falinski.

Louise is speaking with Peter Clarke and Margo Kingston.

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