By Gratton Wilson


The important matter of climate change seems to have received little attention by politicians during the election debate. There have been some exchanges but nothing substantial has been added by the chief players.

There has been significant contributions from experts, all of whom confirm that the Coalition Direct Action Plan will not deliver the emission reduction target agreed as necessary by the two main contenders. The LNP has not provided sufficient funding to deliver its own flawed policy. If the LNP form Government it will be extremely disappointing to those concerned for the future of the Planet.

Overseas literature, media and scientific articles make it clear that countries other than Australia are increasingly concerned about the coming impact of global warming. This concern is by Governments and non government organisations alike. There are now 48 countries with either a price on carbon or plans to do so. There is an increase in action to install renewable energy devices, mainly wind or solar panels. This is accompanied by a brake on development of fossil fuel energy production.

The concern amongst the convinced in Australia has also intensified, with calls for a lifting of the emission reduction target and aiming for 100{17ac88c265afb328fa89088ab635a2a63864fdefdd7caa0964376053e8ea14b3} renewable energy by 2030.

Should the LNP be elected none of this will happen and a reduction in renewable energy effort is the likely result.

There are two issues relating to climate change that have not been addressed at all during the campaign.

Budget provision has not been made for rectification of the results of expected serious climate events. What has been the cost to governments and individuals of fire, flood, tornadoes and drought over the last ten years? The human cost is immeasurable. Treasuries must have the answer and adequate provisions should be made. Part of calculating forward costs is risk assessment and whether or not protective measures should be put in place. These are issues being actively pursued in other countries but not in Australia.

The second issue is Australia’s position in the international debate about action on climate change .We have heard nothing on his matter. Yet it is central to dealing with the issue. Will Australia become isolated by our negativity or continue seeking solutions?

Our politicians have failed to ensure that the greatest disaster of our time is high on the national agenda.

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