John Pratt
Ex RAN, RAAF & Army (yes all three) John served for 25 years in the Australian armed forces. He moved to Western Australia in 1976 with the RAAF. "I went to Don Chip's town hall meeting in Perth and became a founding member of the Australian Democrats. I was membership secretary for the WA branch." he said. John became interested in politics after reading the Club of Rome's book "Limits to Growth". He wrote several pieces for Margo Kingston's Webdiary in 2000 and covered the Kevin07 campaign in Leichhardt Far North Queensland.
John Pratt
I have done several climate change MOOC courses at Exeter, Macquarie and Queensland Universities. Exeter encouraged students to blog, and as a result I opened where I cover climate change.
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Cairns Divers For Reef Conversation. Photo: supplied

Tanya Murphy has worked on the Great Barrier Reef as a diving instructor for SunLover Reef Cruises for seven years. Her love for coral brought her to Cairns. In this interview she talks about witnessing the 2016-2017 coral bleaching events and how this led her to starting Divers For Reef Conservation.

My first dive on the reef was a magical, life-changing experience.

Tanya Murphy

The first time I saw large patches of coral bleaching happening I wanted to start crying, it was really devastating.

There is still a lot of amazing reef out there. Most tourists I take to the reef say it’s the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately it’s not going to stay that way if we have more bleaching events.

More than 64,000 people rely on reef tourism for jobs.

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Business and conservation join together to demand Climate Action. Photo: Cairns Post May 2

We need to look for political leaders who will take urgent action on climate change.

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Tanya Murphy. Photo: supplied