FOI Letter

FOI Letter

by Margo Kingston

On May 1 I sought the list of Press Gally members from the Parliamentary Liaison office after the Press Gallery Committee advised that it was private

My FOI was successful. Here is the letter granting access to the information, free of charge, and the list. I’d like to thank the PLO for their timely, straightforward approach to my FOI.

Press Gallery president David Speers recently advised me by tweet that the gallery will launch a website next month.


List of Press Gallery Passholders


Ms T.L Meakins 2GB

Mr D.J Barbeler AAP
Mr M Blenkin AAP
Mr C Brinsden AAP
Mr P Cape AAP
Mr S Cardwell AAP
Ms K Catanzariti AAP
Mr L Coch AAP
Ms B Cranston AAP
Ms K Curtis AAP
Ms A De Freitas AAP
Mr A.R Drummond AAP
Mr N Ersan AAP
Mr B Frawley AAP
Mr A Gartrell AAP
Ms A Hayward AAP
Ms L Kappelle AAP
Ms G Keyworth AAP
Mr R Lawson AAP
Mr E Logue AAP
Ms L Martin AAP
Ms S Mathieson AAP
Ms T Minogue AAP
Ms K Morrissey AAP
Mr P Osborne AAP
Mr N Perry AAP
Mr A Porritt AAP
Mr E Veiszadeh AAP
Ms J L Williamson AAP
Mr D Woolford AAP

Ms M Ainsworth ABC
Mr J.D Allen ABC
Ms S Bacon ABC
Ms K.J Barlow ABC
Mr R Barton ABC
Miss V Basic ABC
Ms K Binnie ABC
Ms K Blackburn ABC
Mr D Bloomfield ABC
Ms E Borrello ABC
Ms L Bourke ABC
Mr M.P Bowers ABC
Mr B.R Boylan ABC
Mrs G Bradford ABC
Ms A Carabine ABC
Mr R Chambers ABC
Ms M Clarke ABC
Mrs J Clements ABC
Mr C Coleman ABC
Mrs M K Court ABC
Mr C Cox ABC
Ms A Crabb ABC
Mr B Crawford ABC
Mr S Cullen ABC
Ms E Curry ABC
Ms L Curtis ABC
Mr R Davis ABC
Mr M.F Dethridge ABC
Miss E Elward ABC
Ms P Forth ABC
Mr R Gifford-Chambers ABC
Ms N Gilmore ABC
Mr J Glenday ABC
Ms E Griffiths ABC
Mr N Haggarty ABC
Mr N.P Harding ABC
Ms S.H Hawley ABC
Ms V Hayes ABC
Mr L Heffernan ABC
Ms A Henderson ABC
Mr A Hill ABC
Miss J.M Holman ABC
Mr P Howe ABC
Mr T.C Hunt ABC
Miss N.J Hunter ABC
Mr G Jennett ABC
Mr S Johnson ABC
Mr J.R Johnston ABC
Mr D.W Keighran ABC
Mr G Kemp ABC
Mr A Kennedy ABC
Mr R Kerlin ABC
Ms A Kirk ABC
Mr P Kneeshaw ABC
Ms S Lane ABC
Mr J Lang ABC
Mr P.A Langshaw ABC
Mr B.J Leadbeatter ABC
Mr C.R Letford ABC
Ms J Magee ABC
Mr R. R Martin ABC
Ms S McDonald ABC
Ms C McGrath ABC
Mr B McLeod ABC
Mr D McMeekin ABC
Ms A Medway ABC
Ms H Melville ABC
Mr M.J Moore ABC
Ms A Morozow ABC
Mr E Napper ABC
Mr G.C Nelson ABC
Mr R Nerdal ABC
Ms S Nichols ABC
Mr R Nicotra ABC
Ms I Osti ABC
Mr S Phillips ABC
Mr E.T Reading ABC
Mr S.J Ritchie ABC
Mr M Roberts ABC
Mr A Sadow ABC
Mr M Simkin ABC
Mr P.M Simpson ABC
Ms N Sklavos ABC
Mr L Stephenson ABC
Mr T Stevens ABC
Mr T Stewart-Moore ABC
Mr R Stokman ABC
Mr G.R Taylor ABC
V.N Tomac ABC
Mr C Uhlmann ABC
Ms G Vale ABC
Mr N.E Vevers ABC
Ms A.E Vidot ABC
Mr I.A Wilkinson ABC
Ms L.C Willis ABC
Ms N Woodley ABC
Mr D.L Wright ABC
Ms L Yaxley ABC
Ms J Doyle ABC News 24
Mr I.R Cutmore ABC Television
Mr N Dole ABC TV

Ms E Raitiere Agence France Presse

Mr D Burdon APN
Mr A Carroll APN

Ms T.K Sutherland ARGUS Media

Mr K Bergmann Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter

Mr R McGuirk Associated Press

K.A Mesner Aust Provincial News

Mr M.P Brissenden Aust. Broadcasting Corp.

Mr A Bennett Australian Associated Press

Mr K Hollins Australian Defence Business Review/

Ms F Anderson Australian Financial Review
Mr J.M Aston Australian Financial Review
Ms V Burgess Australian Financial Review
Ms G Daley Australian Financial Review
Ms E Fowler Australian Financial Review
Ms P Freebairn Australian Financial Review
Mr W Glasgow Australian Financial Review
Mr J Greber Australian Financial Review
Mr J.N Kehoe Australian Financial Review
Mr J Kerin Australian Financial Review
Mr G Kitney Australian Financial Review
Mr J Massola Australian Financial Review
Ms J.E Mather Australian Financial Review
Ms S Morris Australian Financial Review
Mr M Priest Australian Financial Review
Ms L Tingle Australian Financial Review
Mr T Walker Australian Financial Review

Ms K.A Charls Bearcage Productions

Mr J Scott Bloomberg News

Mr R Burgess Business Spectator

Mr A Thornhill By-Line Products

Ms W.M Valzano C.C.H Australia

Ms M L Craswell Canberra Times
Mr D.J Ellery Canberra Times
Ms K.L Griffiths Canberra Times
Mr M.W Mannheim Canberra Times
Mr R .J Thomson Canberra Times

Ms M Darmody Capital Monitor
Ms A Dimitrova Capital Monitor
Ms C Ible Capital Monitor
Miss S.J Wellby Capital Monitor

Mr M Anderson CCH Australia
Mr M.D.G Coombe CCH Australia
Ms Z.R Coombe CCH Australia
Mr D.A Sheldrick CCH Australia
Mr M Smith CCH Australia
Mr J.M Smith CCH Australia
Mr V.N Valzano CCH Australia

Mr J.D Fitzgerald Clareville Press
Mr D Smith Clareville Press

Mr M.R Colless Colless Consultant

Mrs M.E. Grant Commerce Management Services
Mrs S.E Hart Commerce Management Services

Mr S Scott Courier Mail

Mr B Keane Crikey

Mr E.G Curran Dow Jones

Mr H Aston Fairfax
Mr J.L Cronan Fairfax
Mr P.W Dorling Fairfax
Ms J.E Heath Fairfax
Mr D.R Hurst Fairfax
Mr A Meares Fairfax
Mr T.J Allard Fairfax Metro Media
Mr D Flitton Fairfax National Bureau
Mr D Harrison Fairfax National Bureau
Ms J Maley Fairfax National Bureau
Mr D Welch Fairfax National Bureau
Mr D Wroe Fairfax National Bureau
Mr C Hammer Fairfax National Online
Ms J Ireland Fairfax National Online
Mr T Lester Fairfax National Online
Ms J Wright Fairfax National Online
Mr A Ellinghausen Fairfax Photographer
Mr M Distefano Fairfax Radio
Mr F.C Keany Fairfax Radio
Mr M Pachi Fairfax Radio

Mr N Hume Financial Times (London)

Mr L Arthur freelance
Mr D Barnett freelance
Mr P Daley freelance
Ms L Dubois freelance
Ms U Eriksson freelance
Mr P La Franchi freelance
Mr G Milne freelance
Ms N Savva freelance
Mr N Stuart freelance

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Ms P Bradfield Freelance Photographer
Mr M Graham Freelance Photographer
Mr A Taylor Freelance Photographer

Mr A.E Connors Freelance Press
Mr M.R Helmreich Freelance Press
Mr R Shaw-Velzen Freelance Press

Mr B.P Harris Freelance TV

Mr T Hunt freelance TV Camera/Editor

X Chen Guangming Daily

Mr P Hudson Herald Sun
Ms S Kemp Herald Sun

Mr J Hilvert IT News (Haymarket Media)

Mr R Hausmann Keating Media/Inside Canberra
Mr M Keating Keating Media/Inside Canberra
Mr J McDonnell Keating Media/Inside Canberra

Mr N Matsumoto Kyodo

Mr T Iggulden Lateline

Ms R.M Bricknell Lexis Nexis (Capital Monitor)
Mr J Dawson Lexis Nexis Capital Monitor
Mr F.C Hunter Lexis Nexis Capital Monitor
Mr B Warren Lexis Nexis Capital Monitor
Miss S.E Bouffler LexisNexis
Mr J.P Dalley LexisNexis Capital Monitor
Ms J Tighe LexisNexis Capital Monitor

Ms L Gianoli Macquarie Broadcasting
Ms J Rajca Macquarie Broadcasting
Ms C Worthington Macquarie Broadcasting

Miss L.A Cowie Media Monitors
Mr A Hewitt Media Monitors
Ms E Iskandar Media Monitors
Mr M Magnusson Media Monitors
Mr K Noon Media Monitors

Mr J Geia National Indigenous Television

Mr G Bagnall National Indigenous Times

Ms S Spiers National Press Club & Freelance Press

Mr I Davis National Publishers

Mr P.D Atkinson Network 10
Mr P.D Bongiorno Network 10 Television News
Mr A Bormann Network 10 Television News
Mr B.S Byrnes Network 10 Television News
Ms L.K Craven Network 10 Television News
Mr R Dadswell Network 10 Television News
Mr O. B Innes Network 10 Television News
Mr M.J Moran Network 10 Television News
Mr A Todd Network 10 Television News
Mr A P Wilson Network 10 Television News

Mr L Calcutt Network Nine
Mr G Carroll Network Nine
Mr D Ferguson Network Nine
Mr A Greaves Network Nine
Mr N Harms Network Nine
Mr M Jessop Network Nine
Mr C Legge Network Nine
Mr J O’Doherty Network Nine
Mr L Oakes Network Nine
Mr N Pye Network Nine
Mr D Stone Network Nine
Ms K Yaxley Network Nine

Mr D Fletcher Network Seven
Ms M Greves Network Seven
Mr A Hage Network Seven
Mr B Hage Network Seven
Mr A Hart Network Seven
Mr H Matheson Network Seven
Mr S Quick Network Seven
Mr M Riley Network Seven
Mr C Rouse Network Seven
Mr M Stewart Network Seven
Mr C Sullivan Network Seven
Ms S Wiley Network Seven
Mr J Wilson Network Seven

Ms A Hart Network Ten
Mr H Riminton Network Ten
Mr S Spencer Network Ten
Mr T Sweeney Network Ten
Mr P Wilkinson Network Ten

Mr G Ansley New Zealand Herald

Mr D Atkins News Limited
Ms S.E Blake News Limited
Ms A Caldwell News Limited
Ms L Cornish News Limited
Ms S Dunlevy News Limited
Mr J Gothe-Snape News Limited
Mr M Johnston News Limited
Ms G Jones News Limited
Ms A Leal News Limited
Mr S Lewis News Limited
Mr P Lion News Limited
Ms J Marszalek News Limited
Ms D Martin News Limited
Mr C Mitchell News Limited
Mr G Ramage News Limited
Ms N Roberts News Limited
Ms K Smith News Limited
Ms H.R Stares News Limited
Mr R Strange News Limited
Mr M Farr

C Han People’s Daily (China)
Mr L Jingwei People’s Daily (China)
J Wang People’s Daily (China)

Mr G Dobell Radio Australia

Mr J Grubel Reuters
Ms M LuYueYang Reuters
Mr R Taylor Reuters

Mr C Bettles Rural Press

Mr K Saleh Saudi Press Agency

Mr M.C Bourke SBS
Mr M.J Bulley SBS
Ms J.A Cavill SBS
Ms T.T Cowie SBS
Mr S Damouny SBS
Mr B L Patrick SBS
Mr R Davis SBS TV
Mr T Finnigan SBS TV
Mr Z Gajic SBS TV
Mr M Maguire SBS TV
Ms S Medhora SBS TV
Ms K Middleton SBS TV

Mr S Grose Science Media

Mr A Gilvear Seven Network
Ms S. K Mostyn Seven Network

Mr T.W Connell Sky News Australia
Mr G Crane Sky News Australia
Mr K Gilbert Sky News Australia
Ms A Gillon Sky News Australia
Mr B Heaton Sky News Australia
Ms J.C Henry Sky News Australia
Ms L Jayes Sky News Australia
Mr D Lipson Sky News Australia
Ms B Speed Sky News Australia
Mr D Speers Sky News Australia
Ms K Zarich Sky News Australia

Ms S Peatling Sun Herald
Ms S Maiden Sunday Telegraph/Sunday Herald Sun/Sunday Mail
Mr P Coorey Sydney Morning Herald
Mr P Doulman Sydney Morning Herald
Mr P Hartcher Sydney Morning Herald
Ms G Hooton Sydney Morning Herald
Mr D.E Marr Sydney Morning Herald
Mr A.G Ramsey Sydney Morning Herald
Ms G Robinson Sydney Morning Herald
Ms M Taflaga Sydney Morning Herald
Ms L Taylor Sydney Morning Herald

Mr D Love Syntec

Ms V.H Shepherd The Advertiser

Mr D.A Bright The Age
Mr T Colebatch The Age
Mr M.S Gordon The Age
Ms M Grattan The Age
Mr P.R Martin The Age
Ms K Murphy The Age
Mr T Wright The Age

Mr J Kelly The Australian
Mr P Kelly The Australian
Mr C Kerr The Australian
Mr S Maher The Australian
Mr B Nicholson The Australian
Mr B Packham The Australian
Mr D Shanahan The Australian
Mr D Uren The Australian
Ms L Vasek The Australian
Ms L Wilson The Australian
Ms D Anderson The Australian
Ms S Balogh The Australian
Mr P Brent The Australian
Ms G Chan The Australian
Mr D Crowe The Australian
Ms N Daly The Australian Online

Mr C Johnson The Canberra Times
Ms E Macdonald The Canberra Times
Mr R Peake The Canberra Times
Mr G Tidy The Canberra Times

Ms B Counihan The Conversation
Mr M.J Dawson The Conversation

Mr S Benson The Daily Telegraph

Mr M.J Seccombe The Global Mail

Mr N Butterly The West Australian
Mr A Probyn The West Australian
Mr A Tillett The West Australian
Mr S Wright The West Australian

Ms D Nesbitt Thomson Reuters

Mr C.S Graham Tracker Magazine
Ms A.G McQuire Tracker Magazine

Ms R.J Pannett Wall St Journal

Mr R.M Harris Weekly Times

Ms E Midgley WIN TV
Mr L.M Dufficy Win TV News
Mr M.T Sutton Win TV News

Ms X Haijing Xinhua News Agency
Ms X Wang Xinhua News Agency