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Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has committed to going full term to 2024. Beyond that it’s for Queenslanders to decide her future.

The Australian has on its front page today claimed that Premier Palaszczuk is considering exiting politics. At a press conference yesterday on the Coaldrake Review, it was put to her that she has “checked-out and were on the red carpet”. She replied she was one hundred percent committed.

(The Guardian Australia’s Van Badham has a look at News Corp’s “red carpet” attack here.)

Questioning then led to her staying full-term.

“I love this job and it is up to the people of Queensland to vote whether or not they want me to continue doing this job,” she declared.

“I’m absolutely staying,” she reiterated after the media continued to struggle with the statement.

The Australian also claimed the premier had “brushed aside” the Coaldrake Review when in fact she stated embracing it, saw it as a positive for change and would be revolutionary for the Queensland government.

The Australian speculated that, “Her comments will inflame speculation inside the Queensland ALP that she is eyeing an exit from politics” but did not suggest a source for the information. At a media conference today, Premier Palaszczuk confirmed caucas had been informed of her intention to lead the party to the next state election.