Supreme confusion reigns among our esteemed media on the story, the players, their roles and the status of information released by the Government today. The Government claims that earlier performed departmental costings and modelling of the Coalition’s policies showed that they are likely to produce a $10 Billion black hole. Below is a quick summary of what happened today.

Before we get to that, here is an idea that may be unoriginal and crazy but worth raising: How about Treasury releases the Red Book and Blue Book publicly before the election? This should be able to provide the best available advice, assessment and information about both major parties policy platforms that a sophisticated and wealthy country like ours can afford. A definitive and expert report, with exception of security and other privileged information, that an incoming Government has to rely upon should form the basis of the ideas debate in a healthy and informed democracy.
What do you think? Read below how easily our media gets lost without expert and independent input from Twitter.