The saying is ” It’s always the cover-up that gets them, not the crime.” Well we don’t know if there was a cover-up in the #menugate, which is why we need answers to the questions below.

Many questions still remain unanswered about the Mal Brough fundraising event attended by Mr Hockey:

1. Was Mr Abbott at the fundraiser? He was in Brisbane on the 28th of March 2013 campaigning with Mr Hockey and Mr Glasson

2. Was a menu used? Any menu. A simple yes or no would suffice. If yes, where is it? Can it be produced or have 20 copies, including digital copies, been destroyed? As of today Sunday 16th of June 2013, no such menu has been produced. The only menu thus far in the public domain, is the crude and sexist menu.

Sunrise Channel 7 showing Mr Joe Richards' email to Mal Brough

Sunrise Channel 7 showing Mr Joe Richards’ email to Mal Brough

3. In Joe Richards’ email to Mal Brough, he refers to creating ‘a’ mock menu himself but never produced ‘them’ for public distribution. That the ‘a menu’ is referred to as ‘them’ is rather uncommon and unusual and appears to be a freudian slip.

4. Who are the 20 secret LNP donors who were there on the night? Why haven’t they come forward to clear their names, denounce any association with a sexist menu and back up the version put by Mr Richards? They are eyewitnesses to the event and can testify that all was above board as claimed.

5. Can Joe Richards confirm to the media that he knows how to use a computer, that he has Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign skills. Or can he tell us which application he is best at. It took an experienced graphic designer 90 minutes to mock up an identical menu.

6. Finally, was Quail on the menu and did Mr Brough and Mr Hockey enjoy it?

These and many more questions are not being followed up. Any reason? Surely if this was an ALP fundraising function, it would get the resources and media front page coverage it deserves?