Mary is a 63-year-old self-funded retiree and lives in Seaholme, Victoria.

She was born Malta and her parents emigrated in 1951 when she was 4 months old.

“I hold both Maltese and Australian passports but consider myself a Citizen of the World,” Mary says.

When asked to describe her journey, she wrote:

“Own business, recruitment, 18 years, mainly professional staff, temp and perm servicing manufacturing sector in north and west of Melbourne (major clients Automotive and Ship Building Industries).

“Prior, worked in recruitment management roles and consulting, national and international companies for 7 years. Before that, Receptionist!

“Self made, limited formal education, qualified in the school of hard knocks. Not complaining, I am a small miracle, and was very successful in business (pinch self often), believe in hard work, ethics and integrity in life and in business. Ended my business association with Serco once they started operating detention centres (albiet small client ) … goodness, Transfield was a major Client! Thankfully I don’t have to make that decision now.

“Hate injustice, dishonesty and intolerance. Political tragic, disillusioned with all political parties, both local and overseas. I follow politics here and in Malta, and I support Palestine.

“Good at reading between the lines, spin and body language. Lucky as I’ve seen life from across all socio-economic landscape. Comfortable in the factory or the board room, know how hard it is for the disadvantaged especially in western suburbs, and have friends and associates who, until they met me, had never been to the western suburbs of Melboune! Yikes!”