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AS THE FINAL, febrile week of the 2022 federal election campaign begins, we touch base with Suzie Holt, the “Voices for” community-based, independent candidate for the electorate of Groom, centred on Toowoomba in regional Queensland. It is the second safest seat in Australia, held by Liberal National Party MP, Garth Hamilton.

Suzie has a distinctly different story to tell compared to urban independents. Hers is a very conservative electorate with quite the mix of city professionals and agricultural voters and everything in between. There’s also a strong religious dimension and a vocal cohort of “anti vaxxers”. And it is Queensland with its own ingrained take on politics and “perogatives”!

Suzie speaks with Margo Kingston and Peter Clarke as the 21 May voting and “decision” day looms ever closer.

Voices of Groom podcast recorded 2021

Independent Suzie Holt’s fight for Groom: