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Ongoing coverage of the Queensland election campaign for 2017. Check back for updates.

Part 6 of the Queensland election blog for 2017

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Antony Green’s Queensland election 2017 guide.
Queensland election: Breaking down the big promises from Labor and the LNP.
Archive of The Courier Mail’s front pages during election 2017.
(November 23, 2017) Day 26 – Adani NAIF veto to be respected.
(November 24, 2017) Day 27 – Election eve.
(November 25, 2017) Day 28 – Polling day.
(November 26, 2017) Day 29 – The count – Day 1.
(November 27, 2017) Day 30 – The count – Day 2.
(November 28, 2017) Day 31 – The count – Day 3.
(November 29, 2017) Day 32 – The count – Day 4.
(November 30, 2017) Day 33 – The count – Day 5.
(December 1, 2017) Day 34 – The count – Day 6.
(December 2, 2017) Day 35 – The count – Day 7.
(December 3, 2017) Day 36 – The count – Day 8.
(December 4, 2017) Day 37 – The count – Day 9.
(December 5, 2017) Day 38 – The count – Day 10.
(December 6, 2017) Day 39 – The count – Day 11.
(December 7, 2017) Day 40 – The count – Day 12.
(December 8, 2017) Day 41 – Tim Nicholls concedes defeat.

(December 7, 2017) Day 41 – Tim Nicholls concedes defeat

Annastacia goes to Governor

Tim Nicholls concedes defeat

Deb Frecklington and John-Paul Langbroek to run for leader

ECQ declarations

Hinchinbrook gain for KAP


(December 7, 2017) Day 40 – The count – Day 12

Townsville – Labor retain

ECQ declarations



(December 6, 2017) Day 39 – The count – Day 11

KAP claims Hinchinbrook

LNP leadership speculation


Townsville - December 6, 2017

ECQ declarations

ECQ declared - December 6, 2017


(December 5, 2017) Day 38 – The count – Day 10

ECQ declarations

ECQ declared - December 5, 2017

ABC Computer says




Townsville - December5, 2017


(December 4, 2017) Day 37 – The count – Day 9



  • Brisbane Times reports, “The LNP’s Dale Last, who remains locked in a tight vote count with Labor in the seat of Burdekin, says the party failed to connect with rural and regional voters and believes Mr Nicholls won’t survive as leader. “Tim’s had his run in the top job. I think he’s going to find it very, very tough to hang onto that job,” said Mr Last.”: ‘Tim’s had his run’: Nicholls unlikely to survive, says LNP MP.

Burdekin - December 4, 2017



Maiwar - December 4, 2017


Townsville - December 4, 2017


(December 3, 2017) Day 36 – The count – Day 8

No major news today.


(December 2, 2017) Day 35 – The count – Day 7


Gold Coast bloc weakened


(December 1, 2017) Day 34 – The count – Day 6

Up to a week before election officially called


(November 30, 2017) Day 33 – The count – Day 5

Inala declared

Tim Nicholls still holding out hope


Burdekin - November 30, 2017





Townsville - November 30, 2017



(November 29, 2017) Day 32 – The count – Day 4

Tim Nicholls still insists election not over

The LNP’s existential crisis continues

  • Brisbane Times reports, “LNP leader Tim Nicholls would have been premier of Queensland by now if the Liberal and National Parties had remained separate entities in the sunshine state, former senator Ron Boswell says. The National Party stalwart said there should be a “very strong debate” about whether the party should split.”: Tim Nicholls would be premier now had LNP not existed: Boswell.


Aspley – Labor gain


Hinchinbrook - November 29, 2017


Pumicestone – LNP gain

Whitsunday – LNP retain


Burdekin - November 29, 2017


Gaven - November 29, 2017


Maiwar - November 29, 2017


  • ABC Brisbane reports, “Independent Rockhampton candidate Margaret Strelow says she now expects Labor to win the seat. Posting on Facebook this afternoon, Ms Strelow said LNP preferences would wipe out her lead over Labor candidate Barry O’Rourke. “It will be very difficult for me to win after the distribution of LNP preferences today,” Ms Strelow said. “I expect the seat will go to Labor. “LNP swapped preferences with One Nation and about half of LNP voters followed the card. This will wipe out my lead.””: Queensland election: Labor will win seat of Rockhampton, independent candidate Margaret Strelow says.
  • Allan Reinikka reports, “3.15PM: THE Morning Bulletin understands Margaret Strelow is out of the running to win the seat of Rockhampton.”: BREAKING: Strelow out in Rocky election bombshell.


Townsville - November 29. 2017



(November 28, 2017) Day 31 – The count – Day 3

First Torres Strait MP for Queensland

  • Tony Moore reports, “A Torres Strait Islander woman has been elected to Queensland Parliament for the first time, giving Annastacia Palaszczuk one more seat towards the 47 Labor needs to win office in its own right. Thursday Island-born child protection worker Cynthia Liu won the far north Queensland seat of Cook with 39 per cent of the vote, allowing Labor to reclaim the seat it had held with Billy Gordon last term.”: Labor one seat closer as first Torres Strait Islander woman elected to Parliament.

Confidence in majority

Election not over, says LNP

One Nation celebrates one seat

LNP sticking together?



Burdekin - November 28, 2017


Gaven - November 28, 2017


Maiwar - November 28, 2017




Townsville - November 28, 2017


Aspley - November 28, 2017


(November 27, 2017) Day 30 – The count – Day 2

Liberal and National parties merger questioned

One Nation ‘toxic’ says former Qld Premier Rob Borbidge

Palaszczuk can’t form a majority, says LNP

Brisbane’s Green tinge

  • Ruth McCosker reports, “The Greens may not have yet claimed a seat, but analysis of the weekend’s state election results has shown parts of suburban Brisbane have developed a greenish political hue.”: The Brisbane suburbs going Green.

PHON picks up Mirani

  • Tony Moore reports, “Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has claimed its first seat in Queensland’s 2017 election with the electorate of Mirani, which spans from Rockhampton to Mackay in central Queensland. One Nation candidate Stephen Andrew looks set to become both the first South Sea Islander ever elected to Queensland Parliament and One Nation’s only joy after up to six One Nation seats were predicted before Saturday’s election.”: One Nation wins central Queensland seat of Mirani.

Funding for One Nation

The Adani factor

The One Nation factor



(November 26, 2017) Day 29 – The count – Day 1

48 seat prediction to Labor

Battleground Maiwar

First Torres Strait MP

Annastacia confident

Federal fallout

One Nation misfire

LNP shocked

Counting continues

Cook result



(November 25, 2017) Day 28 – Polling day

Annastacia confident

Exit poll predicts Labor win

Ashes and votes

  • Nine News Queensland reports, “Dressed as Stormtroopers and in cricket whites they came to vote. Then they returned next door to the Ashes. Cricket fans attending day three of the Test between Australia and England at the Gabba on Saturday took advantage of East Brisbane State School’s polling booth, venturing outside at lunch and during the breaks to exercise their democratic right.”: Cricket fans duck out of Ashes to vote.

Tim votes

Annastacia votes


Pauline Hanson not on ballot paper

To the polls




Puzzling policies


(November 24, 2017) Day 27 – Election eve

Time to vote

LNP coal-fired power station will raise prices

Battleground Whitsunday

Malcolm Turnbull dined with Qld LNP donor

Tim in Caloundra

Galaxy poll

Tim Nicholls slip, door open to One Nation


(November 23, 2017) Day 26 – Adani NAIF veto to be respected

Adani NAIF veto to be respected

  • Michelle Gately reported, “IF QUEENSLAND is led by a Labor Government after Saturday, there will be no chance of Federal funding for the rail line vital to Adani’s Carmichael Coal Mine. LNP Senator Matt Canavan late yesterday confirmed he would respect the promises of a re-elected Palaszczuk Government, including her decision to veto a taxpayer loan to the Indian mining company. After discussions with Adani yesterday, Mr Canavan told The Morning Bulletin the people would have endorsed the premier’s position on the veto were her party to win government on the weekend.”: Vote for us, or we won’t fund Adani rail line: LNP’s warning.

Greens demands

  • Felicity Caldwell reports, “Banning cash-for-access meetings, scrapping the royalty holiday to Adani and $1 public transport fares will be among the Greens’ demands if the party holds the balance of power in the Queensland Parliament. Fairfax Media can reveal the list of seven key demands from the minor party ahead of Saturday’s state election.”: The Greens outline their balance of power demands.

Cross River Rail fact check

Battleground Toohey

Domestic Violence services to go under Nicholls Government

What they need in Cape York

Scorched earth


Nicholls Govt to cut Cross-River Rail

Tim Nicholls ready to govern


No Adani taxpayer funds

Australia Zoo

Opening up about taxation

-More to come