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ANDREW WILKIE IS the independent Member for Clark (formerly Denison) in Tasmania. He took the seat of Denison from the Labor Party in the 2010 federal election before Cathy McGowan presaged the rise of the current crop of community-based, centre right “Voices for” independents by winning the North Eastern Victorian regional seat of Indi from the Liberal Party in 2013.

Earlier in his political career, Wilkie, as a Greens candidate, challenged then Prime Minister, John Howard, in the Sydney seat of Bennelong, forcing him to preferences and paving the way for Labor’s Maxine McKew to wrest the seat from Howard when Kevin Rudd won government at the 2007 election.

Before entering politics, Wilkie was an officer in the Australian Army reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He was seconded to the Office of National Assessments, an Australian intelligence agency. He vigorously opposed Australia’s involvement in the Iraq war and later resigned from the ONA.

Andrew Wilkie has advocated strongly for gambling especially poker machine reform and recently introduced in the federal parliament a Cleaning Up Political Donations private member’s bill.

He speaks with Margo Kingston and Peter Clarke about political donations, the provisions in his “cleaning up” bill and integrity in Australian politics.

This edition of the #transitzone is one of a new series on aspects DEMOCRACY in Australia and globally as the next Australian federal election approaches.