Wayne Jansson

Wayne Jansson

Chief reporter & photographer at No Fibs
Wayne Jansson is an Australian citizen journalist and photographer. He covered the seat of Indi during the 2013 federal election and since has covered the growth of the community independent movement.
Wayne Jansson

SCHOOL STRIKE 4 Climate students in Goldstein were unimpressed by Tim Wilson’s Twitter response to their protest at his electorate office this week, which one student leader described as “very passive aggressive”.

School students are seeking to have their voices heard on climate during the election campaign with a series of protests organised around the country.

School Strike For Climate protest at the Member for Goldstein, Tim Wilson’s electorate office. (Photo: Wayne Jansson)

The local Goldstein students put Post-It note messages over, Wilson’s window and chalked the footpath around the entrance to his office.

Grandmothers for Climate Action at Tim Wilson’s Goldstein office. (Photo: Wayne Jansson)

Grandmothers for Climate Action repurposed a Clive Palmer corflute and a couple of teal clad, Zoe Daniel supporters held signs up for passing motorists.

Zoe Daniel supporters hold signs up for passing motorists at, Tim Wilson’s electorate office. (Photo: Wayne Jansson)

Wilson is facing an uphill battle to stop former ABC journalist, Daniel taking the seat at the upcoming election.

IPA climate wreckers

The year before Tony Abbott became Prime Minister, the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) published a wish list of 75 things to “transform Australia” that included:

  • abolish the Department of Climate Change
  • abolish the Clean Energy Fund
  • repeal the renewable energy target
  • withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol
  • privatise the Snowy-Hydro Scheme

Before entering Parliament, Tim Wilson worked at the IPA and was Director of Climate Change Policy. He left the IPA in 2013.

Wilson responds

Students were told by police not to write on the electorate office window – Wilson’s response on Twitter included a photo of him scrawling over Snowy 2.0 equipment.

Critical Credlin

In February this year on Sky News, Peta Credlin launched a scathing attack on Snowy 2.0.

Two words there, white elephant.

Peta Credlin former Chief of Staff to former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott

I showed student climate protesters, Tim Wilson’s response and they all broke into laughter with one student organiser responding while laughing, that’s “very passive aggressive”.

School Strike 4 Climate Australia