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ZOE DANIEL IS only 48. She has been a journalist most of her adult working life including long stints as a foreign correspondent in Africa, South East Asia and the United States with a front row media seat observing the rise of Trump, investigating the Trump presidency and the American citizens who support him.

She travelled widely in the US pursuing grassroots insights as well as the bigger picture political stories.

Back home in Australia, Zoe has made the switch from “objective” reporter to political player as an aspiring federal MP.

She’s challenging Tim Wilson, the Liberal Party incumbent of the electorate where she lives, Goldstein, a cluster of affluent suburbs along and near Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne.

She’s running as a “Voices of”, centre-right, community-based, independent candidate.

She spoke to Peter Clarke about why and how she decided to enter electoral politics, the issues and policies that animate her candidacy and how she sees her prospects for winning this ostensible “blue ribbon” coalition seat.