Tessa Campisi

Tessa Campisi

Tessa Campisi is an amateur audio storyteller based on Widjabal Wiabal country in Lismore. With a background in geography, she seeks out stories of collective organising and ecologically sensitive responses to the myriad challenges of the Anthropocene. You can find her writing on Instagram @tess_elate.
Tessa Campisi

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Tessa Campisi
A note from Margo: No Fibs is thrilled to publish Tessa’s audio exploration of the history of white settlement on the Bulga Plateau through local historian Helen Hanna – from farmers burning the forest to selling forest remnants on their land to stay afloat, to selling to ‘hippies’. Long time Elands resident Jane Watson relates Elands residents part in the tumultuous campaign to save old growth forests and its recent reincarnation to try to stop native forest logging on the Plateau and other State Forests in the region. First Nation’s man Aaron Dodds discusses his program to reconnect Biripi youth with their land through native forest retreats. Brook Turner is a freelance journalist. He is a former director of The Sydney Opera House, cultural editor of The Australian Financial Review and editor and managing editor of a number of titles, including the AFR Magazine.
Thank you, Tessa. Love your work.

Featured image: Jennifer Allison, a member of Wingham Forest Action and stands 6ft tall, lies across the stump of a tree on the Bulga Plateau. Photo credit: Susie Russell.

No Fibs coverage of the Elands community’s campaign to end native forest logging in NSW.

My very long Twitter thread starts here https://twitter.com/margokingston1/status/1612289978830327808?s=20

PODCAST: Inside Susie Russell’s never-ending quest to preserve native forest on the Bulga Plateau #SaveBulgaForest

Community bonds and standing up for the Yarratt Forest:    #SaveBulgaForest, by Sally Colechin

How a local resident unravelled Forestry Corporation’s plan to end protests in the Yarratt State Forest, by Margo Kingston

PODCAST: NSW Greens MP Sue Higginson on the Koala Wars and why direct action to protect the people’s native forests is the only option left #SaveBulgaForest

Stump Truck tour referenced in the podcast. Photo: supplied

Photo gallery of first big Bulga forest actions early 1990s