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David is a full time Queensland carer for his son and in quiet times contributes to NoFibs.
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David Marler

The media went into full meltdown mode on Wednesday afternoon when Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that due to dental surgery she wouldn’t be able to hold a media conference on the Coaldrake Review

The nightly news was indignant.

The Courier Mail unleashed a front page of lamentable puns that would make Mad As Hell’s Chris Lorax proud. Sky News Australia dutifully followed the dentistry line.

The ABC ensured the nation was informed the premier had been to the dentist.

When was her dental appointment scheduled, the media demanded to know? Premier Palaszczuk explained that the surgery had been an emergency and that she was unable to speak.

What was it all about? After a number of complaints within the Queensland public service were aired in the media, the premier asked Professor Peter Coaldrake to perform a review into the culture and accountability of the sector.

The full report has been released to the public and implementation of all recommendations is underway.