Julie Donald

Julie Donald

Julie Donald retired in June 2021 after working in the dental profession for over 40 years. Her experience covered clinical expertise as well as Practice Management, Project Management and PR within the field. Having always had an interest in politics, once retired she had time to fully engage. Through donating to Climate 200 during 2021, and the timely arrival of new neighbours, Louise and Steve Hislop, a political aligning of the stars occurred. She and her partner Lee attended Sophie Scamp's launch on 5 Dec, 2021 and the rest is (an amazing) history. She loves snorkelling, trivia, travelling, ethics, the arts, good wine and great company.
Julie Donald

THAT EAR SHATTERING moment around 8.30 on Saturday 21st May, 2022, won’t be forgotten by anyone who was there. We made history! Only once before have I experienced screaming and excitement like this, the moment Cathy Freeman came around the final corner in her Sydney Olympics gold medal run. 

We were actually, though, already winners well before this defining moment.  We, as volunteers, were already reaping the rewards of being in the middle of this amazing grassroot movement in Mackellar.  

Wonderful new friendships were swiftly formed and they have a special and particular authenticity.  The usual social barriers became non-existent in our volunteer group. I believe this is because we had common beliefs and common goals, and supporting Sophie to represent us in Canberra was our absolute inspiration. 

I still have no idea what jobs or professions my fellow volunteers have, or had – it never mattered.  What we all had in common was that we were tired of shouting at the TV – we were tired of how our country was being run, we were tired of being ignored and having wasted votes, election after election, on the Northern Beaches.  And now we had a viable, credible, and inspiring alternative before us – Dr Sophie Scamps.

Julie Donald at #MackellarVotes gathering

Groups were formed and we were skilled-up – street Listening, door knocking, the A Team, walks, coffees, trivia. People stepped up into Area Leadership roles, IT roles, major organisational roles. And there was the day-in-day out Sophie T-shirt wearing!  Everyone played a part, and every part played an important role to maintain the momentum, to keep driving this grassroots campaign towards victory.

More often than not, we were up in the dark at 5am!  Spontaneity and commitment replaced the routines of our usual lives. There was the buzz, the hard yards, and the exhaustion. 

#MackellarVotes volunteers having fun ‘waving and shaking’ for Sophie

There was the beautiful reconnection with child-like fun, waving our fabulous Sophie banners over our heads, whilst shaking our booties to our carefully selected playlists.  We had such pure fun waving at strangers with big grins on our faces, and counting the toots and the occasional rude fingers. This got us talked about – people noticed the fun we were having – and it got Sophie noticed in a unique and unbridled way.

A very special moment for me was when fellow volunteers Helen, Lee and I arrived at the Brookvale pre-poll site at 4.25am on Saturday May 14. We were determined to ensure that the oversized yellow and black opposition stood no chance that day. 

Helen, and Alex from Zali Steggall’s team, created an absolute masterpiece on the western side of the road, not to be missed by any person accessing the bus stop. It was wall to wall Sophie and Zali.  

Meanwhile Lee and I created the first ever three story square tower of Sophie-dom around a large stanchion near the voting entrance. Zali’s creative builder-of-all-things, Jody, watched on with his cheeky grin, having loaned us his ladder. We had two hours of creative freedom. It was our best set-up ever!

We now have a new community within our greater community, and I have no doubt that we will remain strongly connected.

Thank you Sophie, and every courageous Community Independent brave enough to stand up to represent us. Thank you to every volunteer.

We have change a-foot, and our hope is restored. It was ssoooo worth it!


Go Sophie! – #MackellarVotes 2022

Feature image posted by Sophie Scamps on from Twitter

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