Stephanie Dale @stephaniedale22

Hi folks, I’m a journalist and author with a background of 25 years in media, politics and publishing.

I’m interested in fair play among human beings – it was Winston Churchill who said ‘Democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the rest’.”

Democracy is precious. It is always hard won. It is by nature messy – you want neat lines? Find a dictator!

Democracy demands we pay attention to each other. And it demands we pay attention to it. For anything hard won is also easily lost.

Australia has two democratic prizes – our constitution and compulsory voting.

Did you know the Australian Constitution is the only constitution voted for by its people? And the only constitution that can be changed only by the will of the people.

Compulsory voting ensures that we participate – and while just about all the arguments against compulsory voting are valid in any other context, I’m glad we’re forced to vote. And I’m glad our governing bodies are required to make sure the most isolated and the least engaged among us have access to voting booths.

I’m also devoted to what I call The Four Rights – for as valuable and deserving of respect as human rights are, these are rules to ensure we play nice. I believe all the creatures of the Earth have three rights by virtue of being born on this planet: the right to air, the right to water, the right to land. Human beings enjoy a fourth right – the right to creative expression.

We need to find new ways of sharing our Earth, and making way for all its people, not just those privileged by the current economic system, and all its creatures – on their own terms. The Four Rights is a forum for that discussion – and ensuing action.

I have two published books available – the novel Hymn for the Wounded Man and the travel memoir My Pilgrim’s Heart, which was reviewed recently by the Huffington Post.

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