Letter of complaint to the ABC

Program: Insiders
Program Date: 16 June 2013
ABC Service\Network: ABC1
ABC Recipient: Audience & Consumer Affairs

Subject: Piers Akerman defames Tim Mathieson 

It is unacceptable for the ABC to host a person like Piers Akerman who openly and defiantly defamed Tim Mathieson and debases our ABC. Your network has been sullied and your reputation smeared. This is below all and any community standards and expectations of the public broadcaster.

You need to stop engaging in this sort of behaviour and start pre-recording known offenders of public standards or ban them altogether.

There are numerous examples beyond this one where sexist, racist, defamatory comments has been allowed to be broadcast unchallenged.

This has to stop now.

You owe a legal and moral obligation to your audience to uphold community standards. It is not good enough or acceptable any more to be just the messenger of sexist, racist, defamatory comment.

You are the public broadcaster and the community looks to you for moral leadership. If you repeat these claims unchallenged as opinion or news, you are condoning them.

You are in control of your own editorial standards. Apply them rigorously without fear or favour.

Do not under any circumstance broadcast lies, innuendo, rumour, gossip, sexist, racist, defamatory comment without context and without challenge.

Always challenge, do not quote blindly.

At the very minimum, Mr Mathieson deserves an unreserved apology from you.

Mr Akerman should be suspended from appearing on the ABC until he can behave like a mature adult in polite society.

Please take action now and respond to me, to Mr Mathieson, to your audience and to the Australian community at large.

You owe us all an apology.

Tony Yegles



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