Lesley Howard

Lesley Howard

Citizen Journalist at No Fibs
After shouting at the television for many years Lesley decided participation was the best antidote to cynicism. She has a keen interest in supporting sound environmental social practice, communities and democracy in action. Lesley has a Masters of Science, Applied Statistics.
Lesley Howard
Lesley graduated from the University of Melbourne with dual majors in Statistics and History and Philosophy of Science. The combination of the two fields formed a strong background in objective research, critical appraisal and the analysis of relationships, and in assessment and reporting. With this skill base she has variously consulted for an Australian timber company analysing the unloading of logs in Chinese ports, reported on the role of SMEs in Defence, critically analysed scientific papers, designed and advised on surveys and sampling for various private and government groups, and reviewed and advised on research proposals as a member of the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s MHREC. Lesley has a keen interest in supporting sound environmental social practice, communities and democracy in action. She is currently completing a Masters of Science, Applied Statistics.

WITH PRE-POLLS BEGINNING on May 9 it was a busy week of public candidate forums across the nation. After Liberal incumbent, Josh Frydenberg, controversially refused to attend the Kooyong Candidates Vote Climate Forum hosted by Lighter Footprints the upcoming debate in nearby Goldstein was in the spotlight. Both electorates are fielding community candidates that are getting some serious traction and people were keen to hear from them.

Not a resident of either but living close to both Kooyong and Goldstein I have gone to a few of the events in both electorates and was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Goldstein forum.

Organised by the Bayside Climate Crisis Action Group and moderated by Southern FM’s Craig Francis, the forum held at the Brighton town hall was a sell out with many more were wait listed hoping to attend.

As I approached the town hall there was quite a buzz in the evening air and an atmosphere akin to that of a polling booth surround me at the entrance. T-shirt clad people waved brochures as I walked the gauntlet to the entrance vying for attention as I passed, some spruiking candidates and some their causes.

Goldstein’s four main candidates – Labor’s Martyn Abbott, independent Zoe Daniel, the Greens’ Alana Galli-McRostie and Liberal incumbent Tim Wilson – presented to an engaged and largely respectful gathering of over 400 people.

Apologies to the ALP candidate whose name is spelt Martyn