Every idea has its time and the time for No Fibs Citizen Journalism is now.

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No Fibs (originally Australians For Honest Politics) aims to correct a normative shift in popular journalism away from robust challenge without fear or favour in the political domain.

Every idea has its time and the time for No Fibs is now in this new era of social media and citizen journalism picking up some of the work that is no longer being done by old media.

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Be a part of Crowdfunded Citizen Journalism. Report, suggest, write, reblog, retweet and/or donate


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  1. many people loathe paypal for refusing to process Assange donations and will not use them for anything.

  2. Ruth L Innisfail says:

    I would like to make a small monthly donation but agree with i0Dyne ‘s comment about PayPal.
    Is there any way I can make the donation through Visa.
    If not send me your address and tell me who to make a cheque payable to.

  3. Garry Bickley says:

    To Bill Shorten

    Labor crawled down beside Morrison and Abbott in the gutter on asylum seeker policy and is now trapped and sadly unable to voice public concerns from Labor supporters about the current Coalition fiasco.

    However Labor acted with considerable principal and courage when it addressed complaints about the military and within military training establishments by fully investigating them.
    I am therefore calling on you, or a shadow minister, to rebut the viral attacks on the ABC coming from the Coalition today, especially on ABC Radio National’s “World Today” programme and in ABC News reports and demand an investigation into claims against navy personnel.

    Messrs Bishop and Johnstone emoted, described their ruffled stomachs etc to evade investigating abuse claims made against the navy. Whether the claims that asylum seekers were forced to burn their hands on a hot pipe by Navy personnel are true or not I do not know. Nor does the ABC, nor has it ever made any statements or comment that they were true. But I should know! The ABC should and so should the Australian people and all members of the defence force.
    There must be an investigation into these claims to establish the truth or not.

    The attempt to remove all defence force personnel from accountability by hoisting them on a pedestal of sanctity from which any offence is impossible, any claim of one the act of a traitor is disgraceful, ludicrous and dangerous. Recent history demonstrates that within the navy there are personnel who have committed abuses and claims were investigated and found to be true. So we have no reason to accept the divine status attributed to them by Bishop and Johnston, today.
    I would like to hear you or a colleague on ABC Radio National’s “PM” today refuting some of the claims made by the Coalition and demanding an investigation.
    If not today hopefully within a day or two as, without rebuttal, the integrity of the ABC is at risk from unwarranted politically driven attack and the navy is being granted a licence that it is not entitled to.

    Garry Bickley

  4. This should be Todays headline news
    Stop the demolition of this homelands community http://www.amnesty.org.au/indigenous-rights/comments/35560/

  5. A study released on July 4th by two senior Western Australian archaeologists has revealed disturbing shifts in the assessment of Aboriginal sites by the State’s Department of Aboriginal Affairs (DAA). Since the Barnett Government came to office in 2008, 3,207 sites in Western Australia have been deregistered.

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