#AusVotes Day 9 – Pat Dodson for Indigenous Affairs Minister: @qldaah #qldpol

April 19, 2019 – Table of contents Clive Palmer’s fake Queensland Nickel worker Pat Dodson for Indigenous Affairs Minister . Clive Palmer’s fake Queensland Nickel worker Clive Palmer addressed the media in Brisbane on Monday to announce Queensland Nickel workers would be paid the rest of their entitlements from the 2016 collapse of the refinery. […]

Stop and consider the slogans: @MediaActive #AusVotes #PropagandaWatch

The Australian Electoral Commission (@AEC) is one of our most trusted national institutions (albeit with a couple of blots on its copy-book, including a re-run of a senate election for Western Australia). Watching the electoral shenanigans in the United States with its state-based, highly partisan voting systems for national elections, we can only give thanks […]

A forum, the future and covering all base camps on the #MalleeVotes campaign: @davelennonabc with @malleeray

I missed the first forum of the campaign in Mildura but got to Nhill. Let’s talk Nhill, I mentioned it briefly in the piece about Pyramid Hill but it is a truly remarkable community, another that has reversed its fortunes by embracing migrants and the economic opportunities they bring. At Nhill it is the Karen […]

#AusVotes Day 8 – Fascism finds a home for the election: @qldaah #qldpol

April 18, 2019 – Table of contents Zali Steggall speaks to Margo Kingston Jon not happy Cost of Coalition’s direct action climate change policy is $3.5 billion Fascism finds a home for the election . Zali Steggall speaks to Margo Kingston Zali Steggall spoke to Margo Kingston the day after the sexualised attack on her […]

People-strong in face of cashed-up Libs: @jansant comments on @HelenHaines1 #IndiVotes baton-catch

From the city to the bush, the Coalition is looking down the barrel at an electoral disaster of its own making, born from arrogantly refusing to listen to the voices in its electorates. The battle is no longer about saving the furniture: it’s about saving the house itself. It remains to be seen how all […]

Zali Steggall takes on Tony: @margokingston1 #WarringahVotes #podcast

Former Olympian Zali Steggall talks to Margo Kingston about her campaign to bring honesty back into politics and take on Tony Abbott for the safe Liberal seat of Warringah

#AusVotes Day 7 – False accusations: @qldaah #qldpol

April 17, 2019 – Table of contents The ghost of Twitter past has visited George Christensen Misogyny changing minds in New England Bill Shorten clears up superannuation policy as he campaigns in Cowan Scott Morrison picks some carrots as he campaigns in Tasmania IPA plan to sell the ABC Dickson profile False accusations in Dickson […]

Outshining detractors and dirty tricks: @MilesProust reports from @RobOakeshott1 #CowperVotes campaign

High-profile independent candidate for the NSW electorate of Cowper Rob Oakeshott recently released his commitment to climate change action at the small Macleay village of Gladstone. His two-page document included a promise to vote against any new coal or gas power stations, calling out dirty money used for lobbying and to support policies that prioritise […]

#AusVotes Day 6 – Show us your costings: @qldaah #qldpol

April 16, 2019 – Table of contents Leaving the National Party Love shown for the ABC Show us your costings . Leaving the National Party Margo Kingston has interviewed Rob Oakeshott on why he left the National Party and became independent. On the road with Rob Oakeshott in Cowper. . Love shown for the ABC […]

Huw Kingston’s Independent adventure: @margokingston1 #HumeVotes #podcast

Huw Kingston (@Huw4Hume) describes himself as a small businessman, an adventurer, an environmentalist and a writer. But everything changed for him the day Malcolm Turnbull was rolled as prime minister, and, further influenced by his responsibility as a grandfather, Huw decided to run as an Independent in the NSW electorate of Hume. Huw spoke with […]