What is ‘citizen journalism’?

Citizen journalism is the gathering and dissemination of news and information by the general public, as opposed to news gathering by professional journalists working for established mainstream media (MSM).

Who can be a citizen journalist?

Anyone with access to a mobile phone, digital camera and/or computer – and who has a healthy interest in the world around them – can be a citizen journalist.

Are there any rules?

Journalists working for MSM are bound by a code of ethics.

There are no formal rules for citizen journalists – but there is a difference between reporting/journalism and telling the world what you think with no consideration for truth and accuracy.

The former is journalism, citizen or MSM, the latter is just your opinion.

And while there are no formal ‘rules’ for citizen journalists, here at NoFibs we require our citizen journalists to abide by the MEAA Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

What is NoFibs?

NoFibs is a citizen journalism project that was launched for the 2013 federal election.

Its editors are former and current mainstream journalists. Our CJs (citizen journalists) come from a range of backgrounds and geographical locations. Some are professional journalists, others have no previous experience in the industry.

Can anyone join NoFibs?

Anyone who supports the NoFibs philosophy and our commitment to the MEAA Journalists’ Code of Ethics can be a citizen journalist for NoFibs.

What issues does NoFibs cover?

NoFibs covers issues of interest or concern to our citizen journalists.

Often, we publish ongoing coverage of events, such as federal elections, the Maules Creek Mine blockade, and SPC Sunday.

Can I be creative in my reporting as a CJ?


As well as straight news reports, we welcome contributions that employ a range of visual media, including photographic essays, videos and any other means that best convey the story you have to tell.

Does NoFibs pay?

All our CJs are volunteers.

Does NoFibs set a standard for the stories it publishes?

Yes! And that standard is high – we value accuracy, respect for myriad points of view and quality news coverage.

How do I join NoFibs?

For more information on joining us, visit our Become a NoFibs CJ page.