Become a No Fibs CJ


Journalism is an exciting vocation – and it comes with responsibilities to your community and your colleagues.

The No Fibs citizen journalist (CJ) project welcomes everyone who is willing to:

a) support our philosophy,

b) abide by the MEAA code of ethics.

c) take responsibility for carrying their ideas from writing them down as news articles, then uploading them, sub-editing and publishing them.

We often focus on reporting ongoing coverage (e.g. March in March, elections etc.), however, we are also open to single issue pieces about anything of concern or interest to you.

At the moment, all reporting for No Fibs is voluntary.

In return for your contribution, we offer free access to our customised WordPress-based contributors’ guide to citizen journalism – the basics on how to publish stories online. This document has been over a year in the making, is still evolving, and has helped many writers become citizen journalists!

What you need

No Fibs is an online publication. Our CJs need access to at least a phone-cam and computer.

A Twitter account, as Twitter is a key promotional and communications tool for No Fibs.

Basic skills on WordPress online publishing (or a willingness to learn – we have our own customised guide to follow).

The process

If you are interested in becoming a No Fibs CJ, or discussing the possibility, fill out our contact form.

No Fibs will get in touch with you.

We’ll have a chat to you about your CJ interests and about No Fibs’ philosophy.

We’ll ask you to agree to No Fibs’ terms of engagement (see below) and to disclose any political affiliations – if you are a member of a political party, or have been, you can still write for us, but you’ll need to disclose this in your profile.

We’ll send you a guide to our system for publishing your reports, a process which involves you, the citizen journalist, uploading your own copy, photos, biography, and sub-editing your own work (creating a headline, correcting your copy, ensuring you do not publish anything which could be considered illegal or defamatory).

Then you’re free to start!



I understand all work submitted and published by me may be removed and/or edited at any time at No Fibs’ discretion.

I understand that all work submitted by me is subject to sub-editing by me – I am responsible for ensuring my work is not defamatory.

I agree to abide by the MEAA code of ethics at all times.

I agree to honour No Fibs’ commitment to respectful, fair and truthful reporting.

No Fibs' philosophy