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Featuring panelists Margo Kingston (@margokingston1)and Paula Matthewson (@Drag0nista) and host Wes Mountain (@therevmountain ).

Week 1

Turnbull calls the 2016 Election and we call the odds

Pidgin Politics is back for a special election series to take you through right up to the closing of the polls.
New panelists Margo Kingston (@margokingston1)and Paula Matthewson (@Drag0nista) join host Wes Mountain (@therevmountain )

Week 2

The People’s Forum, Greens envy, and at sea on asylum seeker policy | Tuesday 17 May 2016

Paula, Margo and Wes are back for week two of the election campaign, wiping their brows after a slog of a week that somehow included a leaders debate, a national press club appearance from the shadow treasurer and a week’s worth of media coverage of a single question on Q&A.

Week 3

AFP raids, illiterate and innumerate dead cats and political donations | Tuesday 24 May 2016

It’s the third week of what has become an incredibly contentious campaign and Paula, Margo and Wes are back again this week to unpack just what is going on in between the raids and gaffes.

Week 4

All of the debates, pressing the press gallery and it’s the economy, stupid | Tuesday 31 May 2016

Wes, Paula and Margo are back this week for week four of the campaign, still puzzling over what parts of the week were gaffes and what was actual strategy.

Week 5

Malcolm Has A Dad, A Vote For Chaos, And Child Care On The Agenda | Wednesday 8 June 2016


Week 6

Following The Preferences, Tracking Parakeelia’s Cash Flow And Downgrading NBN Policy | Tuesday 14 June 2016


Week 7

Facebook arguments, launching the good ship Labor, #faketradie and other ads | Tuesday 21 June 2016


Week 8

Predictions: Will we stick to the Liberal plan now the UK will Brexit stage left and has Labor costed itself out of a victory? | Tuesday 28 June 2016