Don’t f**k with #JudyDavis: @burgewords #CreatingWaves on an Australian icon

LOVE or hate Australian actress Judy Davis, chances are you’ve seen one of her acerbic, riveting, onscreen meltdowns. I recently caught Charles Sturridge’s underrated 1991 adaptation of E.M. Forster’s debut novel Where Angels Fear to Tread on television, and was reminded what a milestone in her career this movie remains. Already a staple in period dramas by that time, Davis had breathed life into array of heroines on the brink of brave new worlds, and had used a decidedly English voice to do so. Her Sybilla Melvin in My Brilliant Career quite matter-of-factly asserted to her suitors that she was never going to marry. Her Adela Quested, when pressed whether Doctor Aziz had actually done anything to […]