Has Abbott changed his mind on a Soviet-style media? @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] From Left Field 29th January 2014 Prime Minister Abbott seems to have changed his mind on Soviet-style media reforms. Despite criticising the proposed Gillard/Conroy media reforms of March 2013, Abbott now appears interested in additional regulation that would force the ABC to go a little easier on the government. In 2013, Abbott told […]

Abbott’s undeserving poor @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] From Left Field 27th January 2014 Tony Abbott appeals to the kind of voter who likes to believe in simple stereotypes and even simpler solutions. His attack on Australia’s welfare recipients is the latest version of a strain of conservative politics that relies on disparaging a set of people known as the ‘undeserving […]

Holden, Qantas – one door closes, another opens @e2mq173 comments

Comment by Errol Brandt [email protected] From Left Field 16 December 2013 PM Abbott and Treasurer Hockey are obviously deeply upset about Holden’s decision to cease manufacturing in Australia – crocodile tears for the jobs, real tears for the loss of opportunity to beat up the trade unions. One door closes – another opens . . […]

Abbott’s transport rear vision takes us nowhere @e2mq173 comments

By Errol Brandt [email protected] 13 December 2013 It’s clear that the Abbott government lacks vision. Its attack on the Climate Commission, dismantling of Gonski, ‘cheap and nasty’ NBN and its unwillingness to cooperate with Holden all bear testament to a government with a profound lack of concern for the future. The Abbott government’s next target […]

Double and triple flipskis: Abbott’s first 100 days @e2mq173 comments

By Errol Brandt When Barack Obama took office, he inherited a massive financial crisis.  His first actions as US president aimed to restore confidence and stability in financial markets.  After his first 100 days, Obama still enjoyed 65% approval.  His support was as broad as it was deep:  high-income, low-income, black, white, religious and non-religions […]

The road to economic vandalism in Victoria @e2mq173 comments

By Errol Brandt November 19th 2013 In 2010, the Liberal/National coalition was elected in Victoria on a promise of investment in public transport. After ditching Premier Ted Baillieu in March 2013, the LNP appear to have abandoned public transport in favour of a series of massive new toll roads, championed by Baillieu’s replacement, Premier Denis […]

Peak car: has Australia reached the limit? @e2mq173 reports

By Errol Brandt Tony Abbott told Australians during the election campaign that he wanted to be known as ‘the infrastructure Prime Minister’.  He may have made an excellent ‘infrastructure Prime Minister’ in 1963, but his ideas on transport don’t make sense in 2013. Abbott believes that the federal government should not fund urban rail.  With […]

Local food manufacturing? Take it to the retail giants @e2mq173 reports

  By Errol Brandt Want local manufacturing? Fix the retailers. If car manufacturing in Australia was sick before the election, then it’s now in intensive care. Treasurer Joe Hockey has previously indicated that a Liberal government should “draw a line in the sand” on support for the car manufacturers.  This probably means the end of […]

Can citizen journalism end the silence on Direct Action? @e2mq173 reports

  By Errol Brandt For a political party with a belief in the power of the market, the Coalition’s climate change policy is a thoroughly disappointing piece of work. Direct Action does not address the source of our carbon emissions and may be based on incomplete scientific research. Not that Australians would know this, given […]

#CSG pilot project winds up: @stephaniedale22 reports

By Stephanie Dale No Fibs CSG editor The pilot No Fibs CSG citizen journalism project is winding up. It’s been an absolutely wonderful project to be involved in – in just four weeks we’ve harnessed the talents of 13 new citizen journalists and triggered the interest of many more. We’ve introduced new writers and showcased […]