Crossbench shares common ground not votes: @indigocathy comments on #IndiVotes leadership and #IndependentsDay hopes for @HelenHaines1

For six years Indi has been an example of a different kind of political representation. ‘The Indi Way’ has become part of the vernacular and my communities continue to celebrate the many achievements of Independence. We have acted in parliament on many issues since those very first ‘Kitchen Table Conversations’ in Indi. In 2013 they […]

A quarter of a million dollars? Tell him he’s dreamin’: @davelennonabc reports from inside @malleeray’s #MalleeVotes campaign

The other weekend — as is my wont — I was reclining on the chaise longue at Chateau Lennon, a flute of Moet in hand, when the butler brought in the freshly-ironed copy of the The Saturday Paper. Its lead article was the tale of Damien Hodgkinson, the campaigner behind Phelps, Banks and Steggall. I […]

Podcast #SmashingAvocado: Exploring the agenda behind the #AABill with @CharliCaruso

Welcome to the second episode of the No Fibs Podcast series, following the previously condensed version of this podcast. It includes long-form, un-cut interviews with WA Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John, director of the Flux Party Daithí Ó Gliasáin, and Felicity Ruby. More commonly referred to as the AABill, the Assistance and Access Bill (2018) was […]

Podcast #SmashingAvocado: What you need to know about the #AABill before the election with @CharliCaruso

I am honoured to produce the very first No Fibs podcast, in which I’ve focused on a summary explainer of the Assistance and Access Bill (2018). This first episode is a cut-down version that condenses three interviews I conducted over the past week with WA Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John (@Jordonsteele); Daithí Ó Gliasáin (@okdaithi) who […]

Shifting sands of politics on the Northern Beaches: @mikehallsydney reports from inside @Indy_Ally #MackellarVotes campaign

The B1 bus from the Northern Beaches is packed with kids all chatting excitedly. I’m heading to the Climate Strike in Sydney’s CBD with Alice Thompson (@Indy_Ally), who’s running as an Independent in Mackellar. We’re both wearing her bright yellow campaign T-shirt. Next to me is a bloke with grey hair, dark suit, headphones on, […]

Politics can wait, there’s shearing to be done as @malleeray takes a break from the #malleevotes campaign: @Davelennonabc on the trail

The Ballet of the Shearing Shed… I went to get these shots, it was my first visit to a shearing shed since I was a teenager and three things struck me: it was hot, it was busy and everyone knew their roles in a comparatively small space, moving with surprising speed and agility to get […]

The #AusVotes preference system or choosing sides when your team can’t make the Grand Final: @adropex stops #ShoutingAtTheTV and comments

The closest I have come to an election campaign was handing out How-to-Vote cards in the Victorian state election last year, but I must admit to being an interested observer of #Auspol since the 2013 federal election which saw a local independent unseat a major party incumbent in the hitherto safe Liberal seat of Indi. […]

Knitting nanna of the #Pilliga in solidarity with #Coonabarabran #ClimateStrike kids in drought ravaged North West #NSWpol Australia: @coonavass reports via Twitter

Reports of Maryborough’s death have been greatly exaggerated: @Davelennonabc on the #malleevotes trail with @malleeray

Democracy is a funny thing. These days few would argue against the concept of one vote, one value. The age of the gerrymander is over, in Australia anyway. But in order to keep things straight the Australian Electoral Commission periodically reviews the boundaries of seats that get outside the margins. All well and good: democracy, […]

Why I stuffed up a perfectly good semi-retirement to help @malleeray win: @Davelennonabc on #malleevotes

Before the why let’s have a look at the how. At the end of last year I was happily cruising to the end of my time at the ABC when the Andrew Broad scandal erupted. Our local MP in sex scandal. Well I never… and neither did anyone else! It just so happened that on […]