Railway to nowhere – The Qld Weekly #qldpol: @Qldaah

Galaxy poll: TPP 50-50, Labor leads on primary vote. Wayne Goss farewelled at public memorial. Railway to nowhere – Adani taxpayer funded infrastructure. No inquiry into cash for sand. UMC vows new VLAD law challenge. . Galaxy poll: TPP 50-50, Labor leads on primary vote On Friday, The Courier Mail ran with a confident Premier Campbell Newman striding toward the camera and the headline, “Nod For New Man”. The latest Galaxy poll it commissioned showed his preferred premier percentile had risen 5 points to 47 percent. In contrast, Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk fell 4 points to 37 percent. However, it’s the party polling that appears to be dragging the Liberal […]

Make a difference – The Qld Weekly #qldpol: @Qldaah

G20: Over and out. The passing of Goss the Boss. Newman’s anti-graffiti laws net artist. High Court challenge to VLAD laws fails. Cash for rezoning: Seeney and Dickson’s caravan adventure. Age of entitlement still raging. . G20: Over and out Visions of Premier Campbell Newman steaming out of the Port of Brisbane to confront the Russian fleet were almost realised during the G20 summit. A fleet of four Russian warships were detected on Wednesday 12th, 2014, and had moved into international waters off Brisbane on Saturday to co-inside with the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin. ABC reporter, Michael Rowland asked Newman what he made of the arrival. “Sadly we […]

Four minutes to midnight – The Qld Weekly #qldpol: @Qldaah

Dredge spoil – From villains to heroes. Four minutes to midnight – The anti-objection laws. Tony Fitzgerald QC lambasts The Courier-Mail labeling it ‘The Craven’. Trend unemployment rises for fifth consecutive month. Cairns Grandmother raided over G20 tickets. . Dredge spoil – From villains to heroes After letters, online petitions, emails, news reports, general condemnation, science and a federal senate parliamentary finding the Newman Government has finally agreed to oppose dumping of dredge spoil from the Abbot Point expansion into the sea over The Great Barrier Reef. Amazing, considering just two years ago Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney declared mining would not hurt the Great Barrier Reef. Amazing, considering Queensland Minister […]

Tony Fitzgerald plays Nostradamus: #Qldpol #murdoch ‘propaganda’ blather will go on

Margo: Tony Morris QC, who, like Brandis, I was at law school with at Queensland University, wrote an opinion piece in today’s Courier Mail critiquing Tony Fitzgerald and backing Tim Carmody’s appointment as Chief Justice of the Queensland Supreme Court. But he has privately condemned it, exposed by the ABC’s Melina Howells June 18,2014. Tony Fitzgerald’s statement in reply today, August 4, 2014: “Another day, with still more boring News Corporation ‘ignore the merits, dissent is bias’ blather. It’s become easy to predict the next stage leading up to the election. 1. The judges of the Supreme Court Trial Division and Court of Appeal will continue to carry out their duties in accordance with their […]

Misleading Queensland, The Courier Mail’s shocking week – The Qld Weekly #qldpol: @Qldaah

Carmody crisis still alive. Dr Chris Davis admonished by The Courier Mail. Tony Fitzgerald QC under attack by cohort of Newman Government and News Corp. New Governor in town. Decentralising Queensland. Crime statistics get ‘Newmaned’. Tweet of the week: Can CanDo get out of the way? . Carmody crisis still alive Justice John Muir again criticised the appointment of Tim Carmody to the role of Queensland Chief Justice. It comes on the back of a June speech to the North Queensland Bar Association urging Carmody not to take up the position. Carmody had been propelled into the top job by the Newman Government after only eight months spent as Chief […]

‘I’m the guy’, how Newman is saving Qld – The #qldpol weekly: @Qldaah

Fitzgerald’s verdict on Newman Government upheld. ReachTEL poll shows TPP 51 percent to LNP. ‘I’m the guy,’ declares Newman. Whistleblower Graeme Hallett charged by CCC. Is Labor candidate for Stafford Dr Anthony Lynham the best person to take the health portfolio? Breach of security in Qld Health payroll, Lynham’s details leaked. Whooping cough immunization program reinstated. Unemployment at 6.3pc. Tweet of the week – journos in white coats. . Fitzgerald’s verdict on Newman Government upheld The “inexperienced, arrogant fools” and “megalomaniacs” are still in charge of Queensland. This week Tony Fitzgerald QC met privately with Queensland Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney to hear the Newman Government’s appeal against Fitzgerald’s verdict that […]

The Bleijie Betrayal: analysis, @Qldaah #qldpol

The relationship between the Newman Government and the Queensland legal fraternity has deepened into crisis. Outgoing Queensland Chief Justice, Paul de Jersey has called for unity amongst the legal fraternity over the appointment of Tim Carmody as his replacement. de Jersey will vacate the position to replace Governor of Queensland, Penelope Wensley. A de Jersey statement read; “The appointment of the next Chief Justice was then made by the Governor-in-Council. “With that position established, it became incumbent on all of us who are involved in the legal process to support its current expression. “The stability of the legal system is integral to our democratic system and must be maintained.” As […]

The old gross-debt net-debt trick, the #qldpol weekly wrap: @Qldaah

Youth employment payout With Queensland named the second highest in youth unemployment in the nation, at 13.4 per cent, The Sunday Mail has reported that the Abbott Government proposes to pay incentives and expenses for unemployed who stay in work. An allocation of $40 million has been set aside to pay youth to relocate to find work. A further $157 million will be shared amongst long-term unemployed aged 18-30 years who hold down a job for two years. The worst effected area of Queensland remains Cairns, according to a Brotherhood of St Laurence report. Over the past 2 years, youth unemployment has jumped 88pc to an average of 21.6pc in the […]

A State of protest: @Qldaah weekly wrap from #qldpol

Doctors’ dispute rages: Campbell Newman’s Queensland Government intensified its assault on public health care doctors this week by seeking a federal court injunction to prevent what it labeled as “misinformation” being disseminated by unions. In a week in which the nation discussed freedom of speech in relation to modifications to the Racial Discrimination Act, many tweets from outside Queensland asked, “Could this really be happening?” Sadly, to commentators in #qldpol it was a familiar strategy by the Newman Government to silence debate. The matter will be heard in the Federal Court on May 25, but the deadline for Queensland doctors to sign new individual contracts is April 30. As no temporary […]

Newman Government’s second anniversary: doctors, lawyers and another MP pay rise: @Qldaah analysis

Campbell Newman’s Liberal National Party (LNP) has completed its second year in office. However, the March 26 anniversary was marred by more controversy. Newman began the week by announcing a proposal for new alcohol related violence laws: Life for one-punch killers, user-pays drunk tanks among new booze plans for Queensland. This would see tougher penalties imposed on ‘coward punch’ killers. Police would also have special ‘chill-out’ areas around the clubs precinct where those overindulging could be escorted for recovery. They’d also be fined on first offence a penalty of $200 for their stay. In the wake of the disastrous Redcliffe by-election which saw Labor take the seat from the LNP […]