Wayne Jansson

Wayne Jansson

Chief reporter & photographer at No Fibs
Wayne Jansson is an Australian citizen journalist and photographer. He covered the seat of Indi during the 2013 federal election and since has covered the growth of the community independent movement.
Wayne Jansson

THE ADVANCE ‘NO’ prepoll team in Benalla is working with far right activist, Mark Mack who threatened the Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney, the Member for Indi Helen Haines and attendees of a Yes23 event in July at Wodonga.

Yes23 Director Dean Parkin was also at the event and the online threat, posted in a video, resulted in a strong police presence with tight security around the main guests. Many Benalla Yes23 volunteers were also at the event.

No Fibs understands local Liberal, Anthony Schneider is coordinating the Advance prepoll effort in Benalla. Schneider is listed on the Liberal Victoria website as, “Vice-President – Country Male“.

Far right activists Bruce Evans and Mark Mack working at Voice to Parliament prepoll with Liberal, Anthony Schneider. Photo: Wayne Jansson
Far right activists Bruce Evans and Mark Mack working at Voice to Parliament prepoll with Liberal, Anthony Schneider. Photo: Wayne Jansson

This comes after local far right group A Stand in the Park Benalla claimed in an online video, the office of Deputy Nationals leader, Senator Bridget McKenzie provided the group with Coalition campaign material – McKenzie did not respond to No Fibs regarding the claim.

The group leadership includes Bruce Evans who describes himself as far right white nationalist.

Yes, ONE of our group is far right, just me.

There are no ‘white supremacists’, but there is one ‘white nationalist’, and that is me … …

Evans on Facebook

Yes23 volunteers have told No Fibs, Evans has been at prepoll numerous times working with the Advance prepoll team.

Evans is an associate of Mack and in the video below at an A Stand in the Park Benalla event, Evans introduces Mack as a “good mate”.

In September, the Australian Electoral Commission determined Evans and A Stand in the Park Benalla were displaying and distributing unlawful campaign material and according to a Facebook post, threatened legal action.

SO NOW WE ARE BEING ATTACKED BY THE AEC BECAUSE OUR VOTE NO POSTERS AND FLAG ARE NOT ‘AUTHORISED’ The fucking bias and discrimination that is happening in this referendum is mind blowing … … So now we are being threatened with legal action. We will let you know how it goes. This country is fucked. I am disgusted with the Australian people. They just lie down and take a kicking every time the government tells them to. Fucking pathetic.

Bruce Evans – Facebook – 12 September

The Australian Electoral Commission told No Fibs:

We may see campaigners unaware of these requirements as they may not have distributed material as part of a political debate before. The AEC is here to provide education to campaigners on these matters.

Important to note that the AEC has long taken a graduated approach to enforcement around authorisations matters for which the first step is to seek a remedy.

Australian Electoral Commission

On the weekend A Stand in the Park Albury posted a video to Facebook showing they are a distribution point for Advance campaign material. The video also appears to show a substantial amount of unlawful campaign material (unauthorised) as well as corflutes depicting Aboriginal flags.

No Fibs sent Liberal Victoria the following question:

Why is the Advance campaign working with far right activists, including a person who issued threats against a Minister of the Crown, the Member for Indi and attendees of the (Yes23) event which included Members of the Benalla for Yes prepoll team and Yes23 Director, Dean Parkin?

Liberal Victoria did not respond.

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