[caption id="attachment_41227" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Tony Abbott and Sophie Mirabella at the Spirit of Anzac launch in, Wodonga where local media accused them of "schoolyard politics". Photo: Wayne Jansson[/caption]

There's two independents taking on former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott in his Sydney seat of Warringah.
Abbott is widely seen as the leader of the Liberal Party far right and community lobby group GetUp! is strongly campaigning in the electorate.
Standing as independents are former Olympic and World Champion skier, Zali Steggall (@zalisteggall) and former television executive producer, Susan Moylan Coombs (@smoylancoombs).
The Good Weekend recently reported when asked what annoyed them about, Abbott the 2013 scandal when he was forced to repay $9,400 he charged taxpayers promoting his book, Battlelines (#BattleRort) was still high on voters the list.

11.6% margin vs GRN
Area: 68 sq km
Location: Lower North Shore & Northern Beaches Sydney
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Hume on Wikipedia
Zali Steggall: website
Susan Moylan Coombs: website

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