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Peter Dutton issues statements from Western Australia ahead of Queensland vote

Queensland’s The Courier Mail (CM) today published a story featuring federal opposition leader & Qld Liberal National Party (LNP) member Peter Dutton criticising the First Nations Voice which was later updated to skew towards the Fadden by-election. The poll was triggered by the resignation of Mr Dutton’s party colleague, Stuart Robert.

Primer Minister Anthony Albanese today arrived on the Gold Coast for the official Qld Labor launch of candidate Letitia Del Fabbro. As the PM was enroute, the CM made adjustments to their story which was initially focussed on Peter Dutton’s criticism of the First Nations Voice referendum. Using archive technology, NoFibs was able to establish the differences between the CM’s original “12:00AM” version and the “2:30PM” version.

NoFibs is not suggesting any impropriety.

Speaking from Western Australia, OL Dutton appeared flummoxed as he lashed out at Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk accusing her of creating a “crime situation”. Neither the CM or 10 News First, which carried the footate, gave a right of reply to Premier Palaszczuk.

OL Dutton has been campaigning throughout the Fadden by-election period against the First Nations Voice.

There has been very little local interest from the media ahead of the Fadden by-election. 7News Gold Coast today gave 21 seconds in its nightly broadcast to PM Albanese’s arrival.