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An allegation in Wednesday’s The Courier Mail that it was not Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s job to inform federal Coalition members they were no longer required on the committee for the Brisbane Olympic games has been refuted by President Andrew Liveris.

After the federal election on May 21, Premier Palaszczuk had informed former Sports Minister Richard Colbeck and Member of Parliament (MP) Ted O’Brien that they were no longer required on the Organising Committee Board for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games (OCOG).

The Courier Mail claimed on its front page, “You’re off the team. Exclusive Palaszczuk sacks Libs from Games committee – but it wasn’t her job”. In the body of the article it claimed, “But the timing of the letter from Ms Palaszczuk has raised eyebrows among some committee members, who believed the responsibility of writing to the deposed Coalition MPs would fall to organisation president Andrew Liveris”. It also alleged, “It is understood the decision to terminate the Coalition appointments would be the responsibility of incoming Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.”

The Courier Mail, Wednesday June 1, 2022 - You're off the team
The Courier Mail, Wednesday June 1, 2022 – You’re off the team

Asked directly about committee membership at a press conference today, Mr Liveris responded that it was, “very clearly the premier’s job”. He referred the bulk of the answer on the parliamentary act requirements to Premier Palaszczuk.

“I’m happy to correct The Courier Mail here because I am on the board but I’m also the Premier and Minister for the Olympics,” she explained.

“As minister for the Olympics, I actually have carriage of the act and the appointments go through myself as the minister. (I) would have been very happy to answer that question if it was put to me earlier.”

Premier Palaszczuk also announced that the new federal sports minister, Anika Wells, would be attending the committee meeting today as an observer as advised by the prime minister’s office.