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The Abbott Truss Government has broken a plethora of election promises in #Budget2014, resulting in picking a fight with a whole cross section of the community.
The people are angry and they are marching, again. #MarchInAugust is people power demanding a “Fair Go” and protesting against government decisions that are against the national interest and the well-being of our nation. 

Abbott himself said: “I think there will be a people’s revolt against this tax”. He wants to introduce three of them: GP Tax, Debt Tax and Fuel Excise Tax.

Maintain the rage.

 No Fibs Citizen Journalists will be reporting live from around Australia using the hashtag #NoFibs

Perth: Reezy Miller @Trixie_Boo, Vanessa Jokovich @VeeJay127 and Rick Hoyle-Mills @RickHM
Sydney: Gerard Kerr @Shaboh1060 and Mira Wroblewski @MiraWroblewski
Adelaide:  Margaret Moir @maggieatlas and Alice Gorman @drspacejunk
Brisbane: Anne Carlin @sacarlin48, Carolyn Pickering @CLPickering and Andrew Robinson @araba210
Melbourne: Tony Yegles @geeksrulz, Alexis Nguyen @AlexisN168, Kaye Winnell @KayeWinnell, Robyn Hannan @RobbiePHannan and Wayne Jansson @jansant
Byron Bay/Ballina (unofficial): Margo Kingston @margokingston1 and Dianne Costin @DianneCostin
Gosford: Ed Alchin @CentralCoast14
Newcastle: Nicola Bell @Sikamikanico
Port Macquarie: Noelle Kebby @woolkebb
Wollongong: Rowan McDonald @fivewalls
Bega: Candace Wirth @rose8101
Canberra: Fr Rod Bower @FrBower, Gina K Casey @GinaKCasey and Gerry Satrapa @marchozcanberra (member of Canberra Organising Committee)

Photographers/Videographers/Other Media
@Angrybudgie@takvera, @f00naa@GriffithElects, @zippydazipster, @GinaKCasey, @Stef8082, @jansant

 #MarchInMay No Fibs Posts

Two Thousand Attend Perth March in August: Rick Hoyle – Mills @RickHM reports

[View the story “Two Thousand Attend Perth March in August” on Storify]

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Brisbane and Melbourne #MarchInAugust in photos by: @f00naa, @GriffithElects & @Jansant.

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Speaking out at Gosford #MarchInAugust: @FrBower transcript

  Welcome. We come together today because we are conscious of the many challenges we face in the 21st century. We are here because we understand that to meet these challenges we must see beyond the short term, beyond the election cycle, and beyond traditional party loyalties. The biggest challenges facing humanity today are global; […]

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Central Coast 2014 March against Abbott Government: Ed @CentralCoast14 reports #MarchInAugust

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Adelaide marches for a fair and equal Australia: Alice Gorman @drspacejunk reports

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Sunday August 31st 11:30am
Victoria Square to Parliament House

Rally in front of the old Court House

Sunday 31st August at 10:30am
Machattie Park

Bega Valley:
Saturday 30th August at 12pm
Meet at the War Memorial for a march to Littleton Gardens

Sunday 31st August at 11am
Rally at Queens Park

MC - Robyn Taubenfield & Ewan Saunders
Welcome to country - Sam Watson
Civil Liberties & Law - Terry O’Gorman
Refugees/Asylum seekers - Larissa Waters
Economics - Professor John Quggin
Comedian (entertainment) - Mandy Nolan
Union (E.T.U.) Privatization - Peter Simpson
Environment - Selena Ward

Sunday 31st August at 10am
Rally in the Town Square, Argent St

Saturday 30th August at 10am
The Hub, Caboolture (between King and Haskings streets)

*Tracy Heaydon (Indigenous Affairs)
*Wanda Grabowski (Native Animal Consevation)
*Talisan Lovecraft (Restore Democracy)
*Margarett Mcpherson (Asylum Seekers)
*Lissa Weckert (Letters of Will)
*Sharon Collins (TPP)
*Ewan Saunders (Civil Liberties)
*Fi Anderson (Marriage Equality)

Sunday 31st August at 10am 
Gathering at Munro Martin Park
*Henrietta Fourmile - Welcome to country & Indigenous issues
*Sandy Donald - Health
*Sylvia Conway - Environment
*David Rainbow - Industrial 
*Jacqui Brady - Human Rights
*Alan Isherwood - Community 
*Lock The Gate representative 
*Paul Christie - The Big Picture

Sunday August 31st at 12pm
Garema Place, Canberra City

SPEAKERS: John Minns (Refugee Action Committee) – Refugee Rights
*Kim Sattler (Unions ACT) – Worker's Rights, Public Service cuts
*Tjamara Goreng Goreng (UC) – Aboriginal Australian Sovereignty
*Rod Campbell (The Australia Insttute) – Climate Change
*Michael Nazengarb – Renewable Energy
*Tom Swann (Fossil Free ANU) – Coal, Gas, Climate Change
*Stephen Darwin (NTEU) – University Education, Deregulation
*Glenn Fowler (AEU) – Primary and Secondary Education
*Jacky Sutton (Vegan ACT) – Animal Rights, Gagging Activists
*Father Rod Bower (Gosford Anglican Church) - Refugees, Humanity, Compassion

Central Coast:
Saturday 30th August 10am meet at Carawah Reserve, Central Coast Highway for March to Gosford Waterfront. 

*Meet Carawah Reserve, West Gosford @ 10am
*March to Water front 10:15am
*Drumming by Rhythm Hut on arrival
*MC - Mitchel Connolly, Actor, Rumby Fundraiser organiser
*Welcome to Country - Aunty Diane O'Brien, Mingaletta Chairperson
*Cuts to ABC - Dr Klaas Woldrings
*Healthcare - Deborah Lang RN
*Climate Change & Youth Social Justice - Daniel Turner
*Refugees & Decency in Politics - Fr Rod Bower
*Music - Jake Cassar
*Sausage sizzle & Rumby fundraiser

Coffs Harbour:
Sunday 31st August at 11:00
Corner of Marina Drive and Jordan Esplanade, Jetty Foreshores

*NSW Nurses & Midwives Association
*NSW Teachers Federation
*NSW Principals Association
*Coffs Coast Climate Action Group
*Rural Australians for Refugees, *Indigenous Community

Sunday 31st August at 1pm
Meet next to Enzo's

Saturday 30th August at 12 noon.
Rally at Johnstone Park.

SPEAKERS - still to be finalised:
MC: Doug Mann - high school teacher.
*Bryan Eaton - former/retired scientist, CSIRO.
*Christine Couzens - State Labor candidate for Geelong.
*Lloyd Davies - State Greens upper house candidate (Western Victoria.)
*Sarah Hathway - Community activist and Socialist Alliance candidate for Geelong.

Sunday 31st August at 2.00pm 
Rally at Edith Cowan Square (Opposite the Court House)

Saturday 30th August 10:30am-2pm
Rally at Belmore Park

Sunday 31st August 11am-3pm
Gather at the river end of Claude St, off Wooli Rd Yamba

Sunday 31st August at 11:30am
Gather at Princes Park, Battery Point, march to Parliament House Lawns for a rally at 12 noon.

*Margaret Steadman (MC)
*Phil Harrington (the budget myth)
*Clarissa Adriel (asylum seekers)
*Andrew Badcock (tertiary education and youth issues)
*Professor Henry Reynolds (social justice)

Saturday, August 30 at 12:00pm
May Park, Dimboola Road, Victoria

CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances, however the wonderful Knitting Nannas Against Gas have picked up the baton and will be there on
Saturday 30th August at 12pm
at Spinks Park, Lismore
*** This is not an official march - sticking to footpaths only

Sunday 31st August at 1pm
State Library of Victoria

*Ursula Alquier - Lock the Gate Victorian Coordinator
*Julian Burnside - Advocacy on behalf of refugees
*David Ritter- Greenpeace re: "Protest laws" and GBR
*Jennie Hill Dir. Destroy the Joint. Women & Welfare.
*Annette Xiberras - Wurundjeri Elder and a former cultural heritage staff member with Aboriginal Affairs Victoria - Welcome to country and cuts to funding for Aboriginal services.

Sunday 31st August at 10am
Pacific Park

Saturday August 30th 1pm
Russell Square Park

Port Macquarie:
Saturday 30th August 10.30 am - 2pm 
Westport Park, Port Macquarie

SPEAKERS: Open microphone

Sunday August 31st at 1pm
Hyde park

Saturday 30th 1pm 
Meet at Taree Park (Johnny Martin Oval) for a march to Fotheringham (Queen Elizabeth Park)

Saturday August 30th 11am - 1pm
Frogs Hollow, Queens Park

Sunday August 31st at 10:30 am
Rally at Stuart Street Headland, The Strand

Saturday 30th August at 11am
Rally at QEII Park, Albury

* Prof Rob Watts - RMIT - on the economics of the Federal Budget
* Dr Susan Lawler – Department of Environment and Management of Ecology La Trobe Uni – on environment and global warming. 
* Fr Peter MacLeod Miller – St Matthews Church Albury – on inequality and poverty. 
* Cr David Thurley – Albury Council – on refugees. 
* Virginia Mansel Lees – President NTEU (Vic) – on education. 
* Dave Corban – AMWU Organiser Wodonga – on regional manufacturing.

Sunday 31st August 11am
Thomas Dalton Park