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Solicitor-General Dr Stephen Donaghue KC has today backed the constitutional change to give First Nations people recognition and a voice to the parliament.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese today released the latest legal advice from the Solicitor-General backing the constitutional change for Indigenous people.

PM Albanese said this should end the arguments by the opposition.

However, he went on to say that the No-alition would find new arguments against Australia’s first people.

In a separate media conference shortly after, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party Sussan Ley dismissed the advice because it was written recently.

In a statement, new shadow Attorney-General Michaelia Cash demanded all of the S-G’s advice be released.

Later on ABC News, Professor Emerita Anne Twomey backed the Solicitor-General’s advice as the most relevant legal opinion.

Professor Twomey went on to answer Sussan Ley’s questions from earlier today.

The Queensland corvidae had the last word.