Large #Climate protests for #COP21 banned in #Paris and France reports @takvera

This afternoon the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, ruled that the two large climate marches in Paris and the main cities in France on November 29 and December 12 would be prohibited. Negotiations between climate activist organisations and the French state have been ocurring early this week regarding approval for civil society public events and the two huge mobilisations, but without coming to agreed solutions. The Paris Prefecture of Police informed Climat21 Coalition late this afternoon (18 November) of the decision to prohibit the two marches. My sources inform me that any street protest during the COP is also prohibited. According to an Le Monde report (fr), the Ministry of […]

Solidarity with the murdered victims in Paris: @takvera reports from #Nantes #jesuisparis

My journey to the UN climate conference in Paris has involved staying in the regional city of Nantes for a week. Too short a period to do it justice, I fear. The atrocities committed in Paris have already overshadowed my stay in this green and progressive city. I attended a meeting in Nantes last Friday discussing ‘Global warming: who profits?’ It was part of a month long program of debates, films, a concert, artistic performances and expositions. I was made welcome, though my high school french vocabulary from 45 years ago is nothing but a few words. I followed the initial visual presentation in bits and pieces being familiar with […]

Terrorism in Paris casts a cloud across UN #climate conference says @takvera #jesuisparis

People around the world will have woken this morning to news of the horrific terrorism attacks in Paris on a Friday night. Over 120 dead, more than 200 injured, many seriously, at six sites. Seven of the eight attackers blew themselves up with strapped on suicide vests and an eighth attacker was shot by police during a storming of a concert theatre. Some of the attackers are feared to be still at large. President Francois Hollande declared a State of Emergency for France and closed the borders. Parisians have been told to stay at home. Paris, the city of lights, went metaphorically dark as the lights and sparkle on the […]

#CommanderInGaffe – PM bumbles his way through “Allegiance to Australia” bill: @Qldaah #auspol

Blog of media reports on the “Commander-in-gaffe” story. Check back regularly for updates.   (Jump to comments section) Introduction. (June 26, 2015)  – ASIO using Washington Post maps. (June 25, 2015)  – Questions over maps. (June 24, 2015)  – Abbott in ASIO bunker. . Introduction As his “Allegiance to Australia” legislation was about to be commended to the House, Prime Minister Tony Abbott took the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation for a photo opportunity. On the desk before the media were multiple maps indicating where ASIO intelligence indicated terrorist suspects were likely to emerge from in Australian suburbs. Today the Government took an […]

A game of poles and wires – The Qld Weekly #qldpol: @Qldaah

Queensland tourism stalls. Ban the bins. A brief shining moment – By far, Campbell Newman’s best speech. From asset sales to asset leasing – A game of poles and wires. Overcrowding in youth detention centres. Tweet of the week – Hi-vis vending machines installed. . Queensland Tourism stalls Premier Campbell Newman’s budget cuts have been blamed for the stagnated growth in Queensland Tourism as other states forge ahead. Tourism Research Australia’s International Visitor’s Survey for the June Quarter showed international visitors rose by 1 percent, with Victoria up 11pc, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia all up 7pc, Tasmania up 4pc and Australia Capital Territory up 2pc. The […]