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Former The Courier Mail editor and current The Daily Telegraph editor Christopher Dore wins a Gold Kenny.

Daily Telegraph editor Christopher Dore wins Gold Kenny award

The Daily Telegraph editor Christopher Dore has picked up the Mike Carlton inspired Gold Kenny award for this week with his suggestion that journalist Stan Grant was part of the Taliban.

Mr Grant dared to question that Australia was “discovered” by Captain James Cook describing it as a ‘damaging myth’.  Mr Dore took to his newspaper’s front page to proclaim, “Aussie Taliban”.

NoFibs reported on Mr Dore when he was The Courier Mail editor and ran a series of anti-Labor front pages during the 2015 Queensland election.

In 2014, corruption fighter Tony Fitzgerald QC blasted the newspaper under Mr Dore’s watch as being cowardly.

Mr Dore responded to the award and copied in The Australian Associate Editor/columnist Chris Kenny.



There were also many other contenders for the Gold Kenny this week.

Last week’s winner.