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David is a full time Queensland carer for his son and in quiet times contributes to NoFibs.
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David Marler

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party Sussan Ley has sensationally claimed that no one in the world is making electric utes.

It echoes fellow colleague Michaelia Cash who vowed before the 2019 federal election to save the fossil fueled Aussie ute from Labor’s proposed electric vehicle policy.

As many people have pointed out, a quick search of Google or Twitter will bring up information on the latest EV models.

Ley’s claim is yet another originating from a cabal of politicians and media personalities who are opposed to the new Australian government’s policy direction on EVs.

Over a number of years everything from ending the Aussie weekend to “extreme socialism” has been given as reasons for not expanding the EV market in Australia.

The Daily Telegraph columnist Vikki Campion today even invoked the fear of Hindenburg sized blazes with no emergency services capable of extinguishing burning cars.

Yet, Queensland has completed its EV recharging network along its east coast from Coolangatta in the south to Port Douglas in the north. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk recently confirmed the phase three rollout into the state’s vast interior.

In the United States, California is hoping to eradicate their gas powered vehicles by 2035 with legislation recently introduced.