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Whistleblower leads to ABC Four Corners investigation in Greywolf

The Wolf of Woy Woy: The working-class investors duped by a man the regulators won’t pursue exposes how businessman Edward Lancaster took money from people for a mining exploration business that never launched on the share market and became defunct in 2019. Of political interest are documents showing interaction between Queensland Liberal National Party (LNP) federal member for the electorate of Fadden, Stuart Robert, and the company. Mr Robert is currently a member of the federal opposition with the portfolios of Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Financial Services.

Greywolf had probably been trading insolvent since 2014. It issued more than 411 million shares collecting $7 million from investors.

Mr Robert denies the assertion from Greywolf that he was working behind the scenes for the company.

There being no mining exploration in Mr Robert’s Gold Coast locality the business began exploring a sea cucumber breeding program.

Stuart Robert has been using a private email address and his official parliamentary email address to interact with the company.

At a Fadden candidate meeting just prior to the 2016 federal election, Mr Robert was asked about his share interest in Greywolf. It’s only after this event that a declaration was made to his pecuniary interests.

Federal Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones has called for Mr Robert to answer questions.

Former Labor senator Doug Cameron has also called for Mr Robert to explain.

The New Zealand Fraud Office had begun an investigation into Greywolf in 2011 but decided to terminate their inquiries.

Mr Robert is due to appear on ABC QandA this Thursday.

Watch the full Four Corners report online.

Update – September 2, 2022

Stuart Robert appeared on the ABC’s QandA program last night and was asked about Greywolf by investor Lorraine Fitzjohn.

Is it time for the Queensland LNP to refund the $32,200 it received in donations?