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Ongoing coverage of the Queensland election campaign for 2017. Check back for updates.

Part 3 of the Queensland election blog for 2017

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Antony Green’s Queensland election 2017 guide.
A cache of The Courier Mail’s front pages.
(November 8, 2017) Day 11 – Smearer-in-chief.
(November 9, 2017) Day 12 – Pauline Hanson attacks Sam Dastyari after racial abuse.
(November 10, 2017) Day 13 – Friday the 13th day of the election.
(November 11, 2017) Day 14 – Remembrance Day.
(November 12, 2017) Day 15 – One Nation backlash.

(November 11, 2017) Day 15 – One Nation backlash

LNP boycotts information session

One Nation backlash


Tim Nicholls avoids preference speculation

Cross-river rail and Brisbane Live

Annastacia in the Burdekin



(November 11, 2017) Day 14 – Remembrance Day

Annastacia in Zillmere

One Nation slammed by unions

Mark Thornton moved down LNP’s ‘how-to-vote’ card after sex-shop presser

Steve Dickson’s allegations against Qld teachers

Remembrance Day

Galaxy poll of seven seats

Battlefield Glass House

Battlefield Bonney

Battlefield Mundingburra

Battlefield Hervey Bay

Battlefield Rockhampton

Battlefield Logan


(November 10, 2017) Day 13 – Friday the 13th day of the election

Tim claims to have built ten schools

 In 2013, Everton Park High School was targeted by the Newman Government for closure. It survived by give part of its land to the government.

Greens last on LNP/PHON ticket

Annastacia – Education

PHON candidate for Thuringowa Mark Thornton to stay

PHON candidate for Thuringowa Mark Thornton’s sex shop presser

  • Sarah Motherwell reports, “One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has been blindsided by news one of her Townsville candidates has been linked to an inappropriate Facebook message about domestic violence. Senator Hanson was with her party’s candidate for the seat of Thuringowa, Mark Thornton, when he confirmed at a press conference he owns adult store Cupids Cabin.”: One Nation candidate confirms link to domestic violence post.


Factcheck Conversation EDU is covering the election

Tim Nicholls denies drug services cuts during Newman Govt

 Tim Nicholls has denied a statement that drug services were cut during the Newman Government. However, a September 24, 2012 article shows the cut to the Queensland Health grants scheme.

“The Newman government has cut funding for alcohol & drug prevention workers, nutrition promotion & healthy lifestyle programs as part of its latest decision to shave another $4.4m off the annual Queensland Health grants scheme.”: Healthy lifestyle programs’ funding cut.

Battlefield Redcliffe

Curiously, the LNP candidate for Redcliffe Kerrie-Anne Dooley has posted an election sign on the Probation and Parole Redcliffe District Office. The last MP the LNP had for the seat was Scott Driscoll who was sentenced to eighteen months jail.

 “Crooked former Queensland MP Scott Driscoll has been jailed for at least 18 months after he was sentenced for six years over 15-fraud related offences.”: Disgraced MP Scott Driscoll jailed for at least 18 months.


Battlefield Callide

  • Felicity Caldwell reports, “The LNP could struggle to ward off One Nation in the seat of Callide, with polling revealing the retiring former deputy premier Jeff Seeney’s electorate is in danger of falling to the resurgent party. ReachTEL polling of 730 residents in the electorate, obtained by Fairfax Media, reveals One Nation candidate Sharon Lohse would receive 25.4 per cent of the first preference vote.”: Polling shows strong One Nation support in ex-deputy premier’s seat.

Battlefield Noosa

Pauline Hanson bans The Project

  • Brisbane Times reports, “A TV crew from Ten Network’s The Project has been barred from attending a community meeting with One Nation federal leader Pauline Hanson in north Queensland. Senator Hanson spoke to more than a dozen supporters at the Kalamia Hotel in Ayr on Friday about issues for the coming state election on November 25.”: The Project barred from One Nation event.



Segment on Sam Dastyari racial attack on The Project from last night

Attack on A-G Yvette D’Ath

November 10, 2017 The Courier Mail - Last Laugh

The Courier Mail has launched a front page attack on Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath over the tragic death of four year old Tyrell Cobb. Matthew Scown pleaded guilty to manslaughter for his part in the death and was sentenced to four years jail in October. However, after having served two years and eight months in custody he was released on a suspended sentence. The paper nicknamed him the “Grin Reaper” after he was photographed laughing as he was leaving court. It was later revealed that Scown had been laughing at a cameraman who accidently fell over a bin. 

A-G D’Ath announced a general sentencing review in the wake of the decision.

The Queensland Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has since advised the A-G that, in the case of Scown, the sentence should not be appealed. The 28-day time frame to launch an appeal expired overnight.

Media watch



(November 9, 2017) Day 12 – Pauline Hanson attacks Sam Dastyari after racial abuse

Battlefield Rockhampton

Peter “Plonker” Dowling is back

  • Brisbane Times reports, “Disgraced former Queensland MP Peter Dowling will contest the seat of Redlands as an independent at the state election. The former LNP member was sensationally dumped as candidate before the 2015 election following revelations he’d had an affair and his mistress had photos of him plonking his penis into a wine glass published.”: Wine glass ‘plonker’ MP runs as independent.

LNP drops hate leaflet

Labor regional campaign launched

Adani NAIF loan

Economics with John Quiggin

  • John Quiggin writes, “Questioned about the obvious arithmetical impossibility of his promises to increase spending, cut taxes and greatly improve the budget balance, Queensland LNP leader Tim Nicholls had two responses.” Why even bother?

Pauline back on bus

Man in Toll shirt is ex-employee

Tim on the Gold Coast

Bill arrives in Bundy

Cash for access wont be banned

Annastacia in Wide Bay

Pauline abandons battler bus


Pauline Hanson attacks Sam Dastyari after racial abuse

  • Alana Calvert and Karen Barlow report, “Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has condemned racial abuse piled on Labor Senator Sam Dastyari in a Melbourne pub by members of a far-right group. The prominent Iranian born politician has also spoken about the filmed four minute incident in which he was heckled as a “terrorist” and “monkey”, describing it as “hurtful”, “disgusting”, “confronting”, “taking its toll” and he is considering his legal options.”: Right-wing hate group targets Sam Dastyari in Melbourne.
  • James Elton-Pym reports, “Neil Erikson, the man who filmed the incident, said the Labor MP gave as good as he gets. “Sam’s a strong bloke he’s got a thick skin, he’s been in politics for a long time, ” Mr Erikson told ABC radio on Thursday. “He called us rednecks, which is a racist term in fact, so look, he gives as good as he gets.”I think he’s playing the victim a little bit.””: ‘Idiots’: Turnbull, Shorten condemn far-right group that racially abused Sam Dastyari.

Media watch



(November 8, 2017) Day 11 – Smearer-in-chief revealed

Pauline checking dual citizenship

  • Sarah Motherwell reports, “Pauline Hanson says she will check with the British Home Office to ensure she’s not a dual citizen. A day after she stressed she had no reason to worry about being caught in the parliamentary citizenship crisis, the One Nation leader on Wednesday agreed to check her standing.”: Hanson to check with British Home Office over citizenship.

Pauline hits Rockhampton bottom

Poll says no to Adani loan

  • Brisbane Times reports, “Most Queenslanders believe the state should block any taxpayer-funded loan to Indian mining giant Adani, a poll suggests. The Stop Adani alliance commissioned the ReachTEL poll 10 days before Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced last week that she would veto any loan to Adani, citing an alleged plan by the LNP to smear her and her partner, who worked on the company’s loan application.”: Adani should not get loan: Queensland voter poll.

Economics with John Quiggin

Hospital upgrades

Tim in Cairns


Innocent until proven otherwise

  • Michael Atkin reports, “”They are very serious allegations and we need to protect women in this country but he, like every other person under a charge, is innocent until proven otherwise. “It is wrong for you to introduce that topic because you are maligning him and you are contradicting the process of law in this country. “I take advice from a number of people and I will listen to Sean, he has been very, very effective in his advice [and] I will continue to listen to Sean.””: Malcolm Roberts getting advice from ex-One Nation staffer Sean Black charged with rape.

Pauline Hanson’s casino

Smearer-in-chief revealed


 Tim Nicholls says he’d never use language in personal attacks. However, in parliament on August 30, 2016, he referred to the Minister of Education Kate Jones as a ‘screeching banshee’.