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Taskforce Orion: The hunt for paedophiles

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(November 14, 2015) – Courier Mail claims power struggle.
(November 13, 2015) – Nuclear waste dump proposed for Queensland.
(November 12, 2015) – Barrett Inquiry being delayed.
(November 11, 2015) – Seeking gender equality in whole of government Queensland.
(November 10, 2015) – New taskforce formed against child exploitation.
(November 9, 2015) – New Carmichael coalmine challenge.
(November 8, 2015) – Change to proposed lockout laws.

(November 14, 2015) – Courier Mail claims power struggle

‘KATTERstrophic’ claims Murdoch paper

“SECRET meetings to lock in the Katter’s Australian Party to Labor’s legislative agenda have spectacularly failed, weakening the Palaszczuk Government’s tenuous grip on power.

The Courier-Mail can reveal party boss Evan Moorhead was recently deployed to hold behind-the-scenes talks with KAP’s two MPs to coerce them into guaranteeing support for the State Government in exchange for progressing their agenda.

The high-stakes tactic was forced on the Government amid growing fears that former Labor MP and member for Cook, Billy Gordon, had grown isolated and erratic and may drive Parliament to a stand by rejecting key legislation.

The minority Labor administration needs either KAP’s Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth or Mr Gordon to pass laws and avoid any no- confidence motions brought on by the LNP Opposition.

However, relations between KAP and the Government have soured after Labor rejected laws which would have shielded Mr Knuth’s seat of Dalrymple from being abolished in a looming electoral redistribution.

Mr Gordon originally sided with Labor on electoral laws but supported KAP’s moves this week to fast-track similar legislation.

The covert negotiations collapsed yesterday with KAP going public with threats to consider supporting any alternative government arrangement if the option became available.

“We’re saying that as of today, whilst we don’t have the numbers at this moment, if a better option becomes available to us… as of today, all options are live,” Mr Katter said.

“If a better option comes up for us, we will take it.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk held an 11th hour meeting with the KAP MPs in Parliament on Thursday in a bid to convince them the Government was progressing the minor party’s priorities.

These include a rural debt board, a 10 per cent ethanol mandate, statutory sugar and milk marketing and more regional roads funding. KAP had issued a 90-day deadline, which ended yesterday, for the Government to show progress however Ms Palaszczuk insisted in August she wasn’t aware of any growing frustration.

Mr Katter said KAP were not “mischief-makers” looking to deliberately block legislation, but they may not be so sympathetic towards the Government’s agenda. “What we’re saying to them is everyone needs to pull their socks up and jerk into gear,” he said.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said the Government’s relationship with KAP remained solid and talks would continue. “They are interested in stable government just as we are in Labor,” Ms Trad said.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said Queenslanders had voted in Labor “and that has to be respected until such time as the seats change. Even if KAP were to support the LNP actively, that is still one seat short in the Queensland Parliament”, he said. “Nothing’s changed.”” KATTERstrophic failure: Secret Labor talks fail to win KAP.

The Courier Mail: November 14, 2015 - Power Struggle.

The Courier Mail: November 14, 2015 – Power Struggle.

Paris terrorist attack – #PorteOuverte

  • Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk issued a statement on the terrorist attack on Paris:

“The thoughts and prayers of all Queenslanders go out to those affected by the tragedy unfolding in Paris.I would like to reassure Queenslanders that there is no known specific threat to Queensland at this time.I have been advised that the terror alert level in Queensland – particularly for our police – remains at high- as it was previous to this harrowing news.Detectives and intelligence officers are continuing to conduct threat assessments around the clock in conjunction with their interstate, federal and international counterparts.

Queenslanders concerned about loved ones in Paris should contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on 1300 555 135.” Saturday, November 14, 2015 – Media statement

Damien Hansen reported: French nationals in Qld rally to honour victims, tonight's performance of Les Miserables dedicated to Paris.

Damien Hansen reported: French nationals in Qld rally to honour victims, tonight’s performance of Les Miserables dedicated to Paris.

Police reject LNP MP Ros Bates’ request

  • Tony Moore reported, “Gold Coast Police have refused a request from a Gold Coast MP to put a police beat at a Gold Coast hospital which is “closed down” 62 times each month for “Code Black” security alerts. Gold Coast MP Ros Bates on Friday asked the Queensland Government to put a police beat at the Gold Coast University Hospital campus to tackle major emerging security issues. In October this year Health Minister Cameron Dick confirmed for News Corp that the Gold Coast University Hospital at Southport was “shutdown” for Code Black major security scares 62 times each month.”: Police reject request for extra police at Gold Coast University Hospital.

(November 13, 2015) – Nuclear waste dump proposed for Queensland

Oman Ama one of six possible sites

ABC News Breakfast: Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg announces consultation period for national nuclear waste site.

ABC News Breakfast: Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg announces consultation period for national nuclear waste site.

Phil Willmington reported: Oman Ama locals were shocked to hear of nuclear waste proposal.

Phil Willmington reported: Oman Ama locals were shocked to hear of nuclear waste proposal.

Cabinet hasn’t discussed Oman Ama proposal yet

  • Brisbane Times reported, “Deputy Premier Jackie Trad says although she wasn’t told about the shortlisting before the announcement, the government was open to discussions. The state government didn’t have a solid stance either way on hosting a nuclear waste site, she said. “We haven’t had a discussion about this at cabinet,” Ms Trad said.”: Nuclear waste site possibly to Queensland.

Ipswich Cr Paul Tully against plan

  • Paul Tully wrote, “The Federal Government has picked a potential site – one of six – near Inglewood 250km southwest of Brisbane to store nuclear waste from Lucas Heights in Sydney’s west and from other states of Australia. This would mean hundreds of truckloads of hazardous waste coming through Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba via cities and towns in NSW every year. Say no to Queensland becoming a nuclear waste dumping ground for the rest of Australia! The Ipswich community stopped a similar dump at Redbank in 1988 proposed by the state government at the time, which was finally scrapped by the new Goss government in 1989.”: No to Oman-ama nuclear waste dump.


Springborg has no problem with nuclear waste in his electorate

  • Andrew Backhouse and Jayden Brown reported, “Southern Downs MP Lawrence Springborg said he wouldn’t have a problem with a low-level nuclear waste dump close to his home. The Opposition leader said he had heard about the proposal a couple of months ago, but hadn’t been given any official information from the Federal Government.”All I’ll say is we haven’t got all the information,” he said.”: Southern Downs MP has no issue with nuclear dump.
  • ABC News Brisbane reported, “The Mayor of a southern Queensland region shortlisted to store nuclear waste is concerned about how it will be transported, but is keeping an open mind to the proposal. Oman Ama, 250 kilometres southwest of Brisbane, is one of six sites earmarked by the Federal Government, including three in South Australia, one in New South Wales and one in the Northern Territory.”: Goondiwindi mayor raises issues over transport of nuclear waste to Queensland.




KAP want more from Labor

Comment Not a lot has changed with the announcement from Katter’s Australian Party today. The KAP duo of Rob Katter and Shane Knuth have publicly declared what the Palaszczuk Government has delivered out of their initial demands at the start of the year. However, they never agreed to support the government and they lack the power to bring down the government.

Labor needs the support of Independent Billy Gordon and Speaker Peter Wellington to pass legislation. For Lawrence Springborg to bring on a vote of no confidence in the government, he’d need the vote of the 2 KAP MPs and either Gordon or Wellington.

KAP and Billy Gordon first voted against the government in May, 2015: Billy Gordon vote leads to government defeat on elective surgery.

The overall numbers in the house remain unchanged:

  • Labor Government 43 seats
  • LNP 42 seats
  • KAP 2 seats
  • Billy Gordon
  • Speaker Peter Wellington
Patrick Condren reported: "Pull their socks up and jerk into gear": KAP withdraws 'sympathetic' support for the government.

Patrick Condren reported: “Pull their socks up and jerk into gear”: KAP withdraws ‘sympathetic’ support for the government.

Throat slitting incident – From regret to apology

  • Amy Remeikis reported, “Sorry may be the hardest word to say, but a day after explaining away a throat-slitting gesture as a “misunderstanding”, Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller has apologised. Ms Miller was accused of “threatening and intimidating” behaviour by the LNP’s Tarnya Smith, who told Parliament on Wednesday Ms Miller had run her finger across her throat and mouthed “you’re a goner” at her during a Tuesday debate.”: Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller sorry for throat-slitting gesture at MP.

YouTube partnership

Drought relief fundraiser at parliament


(November 12, 2015) – Barrett Inquiry being delayed

Cabinet documents needed in court

  • Donna Field reported, “Queensland Government departments were slow to provide evidence to an inquiry examining the closure of the state’s only long-term mental health facility for adolescents, it has heard. Three teenagers – Will Fowell, Caitlin Wilkinson and Talieha Nebauer – killed themselves in the months after the former Newman government shut down the Barrett Adolescent Centre last year.”: Barrett inquiry: Queensland Government departments slow in providing evidence.

Education IT hack

  • Amy Remeikis wrote, “Education Minister Kate Jones has said her Director-General has referred “the unauthorised disclosure” of information related to the education department hack to the Crime and Corruption Commission. No one person has been referred for investigation, rather the release of the information itself and how it occurred. Ms Jones said the Police Commissioner had “reiterated to me today that given there is an ongoing threat from this criminal activity that I should not disclose further information consistent with statements to this house throughout the week”.”: Education hack: Student ‘sex assault and bullying’ details hacked in IT breach.
Tegan George reported: Details on sensitive information hacked from Qld Education have appeared in the public domain.

Tegan George reported: Details on sensitive information hacked from Qld Education have appeared in the public domain.

Adani’s horrible track record

Reintroduction of the death penalty

  • Amy Remeikis wrote, “The former head of the Queensland Australian Medical Association has advocated for a return of the death penalty. Christian Rowan was sidelined from the AMA during the Newman government doctor contract dispute, when he made comments in support of the controversial contracts, before winning a LNP pre-selection battle for the seat of Moggill over sitting MP Bruce Flegg. ​Mr Rowan has come out in support of the death penalty during a speech on counter-terrorism laws.”: Former head of Queensland AMA suggests return of death penalty.




(November 11, 2015) – Seeking gender equality in whole of government Queensland

More work needed to balance gender

  • Amy Remeikis wrote, “The Palaszczuk government may lead the nation on gender parity when it comes to its Cabinet, but an audit of staffers within the ministerial offices show there is still work to be done. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has proudly touted her Cabinet’s progressiveness, with a female leader and deputy leader and eight of the 14 ministerial positions held by women. Ms Palaszczuk, a firm believer in quotas, also announced plans to increase the number of women on state government boards, setting a target that would see 50 per cent of all board positions held by women by 2020 and has encouraged private companies to address their own gender imbalances.”: Men dominate senior Queensland government staff roles.

Throat slitting accusations

Tegan George reported: Tarnya Smith makes a throat slitting gesture whilst accusing Jo-Ann Miller.

Tegan George reported: Tarnya Smith makes a throat slitting gesture whilst accusing Jo-Ann Miller.

Ros Bates works the night shift

Tegan George reported: A Gold Coast MP has come under scrutiny for visiting local hospitals to see how staff were coping in emergency departments.

Tegan George reported: A Gold Coast MP has come under scrutiny for visiting local hospitals to see how staff were coping in emergency departments.

“A GOLD Coast MP has “pulled shifts” as a nurse at local hospitals despite being banned from having clinical contact with patients without the formal approval of the national registration body.

Ros Bates, who was a minister in the Newman government, told parliamentary committee hearings twice in October that she had worked shifts at the Gold Coast and Robina hospitals.The Member for Mudgeeraba also told the Gold Coast Bulletin about her moonlighting as a nurse while raising concerns about security and a serious sex offender.

However, the long-serving nurse had conditions about contact with patients placed on her registration in April last year by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

“The practitioner will only use her professional knowledge to practise in management, administrative, education, research, advisory, regulatory or policy development roles,” Ms Bates’ AHPRA registration states.

“The practitioner will not undertake any roles requiring direct or indirect clinical patient contact unless approval to do so by the board or its delegate.”

Ms Bates last night insisted her hospital work had been educational rather than clinical.

“I undertook an education, research, advisory and policy development role in order to gain a firsthand understanding of the needs of hospital and health staff in a policy sense,” she said.

“This is permitted within the conditions imposed on my registration as a registered nurse through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.”

Ms Bates said Health Minister Cameron Dick had approved her visit.

On October 14, Ms Bates told a public hearing of the Health and Ambulance Services Committee she had “worked a night-duty shift at the Gold Coast University Hospital” as she detailed the story of an overdosing patient.

A fortnight later she told the committee of shifts she had undertaken at Robina Hospital.

“I did an actual full shift at Robina Hospital a couple of weeks ago,” she said.

“I spent a lot of time in the mental health unit and the ED (emergency department).””: State MP Ros Bates moonlighting as nurse despite registration conditions.

  • Paul Weston reported, “Mudgeeraba MP Ros Bates, a registered nurse who has shadowed staff on recent shifts at Robina and Gold Coast hospitals, will today launch petitions for upgraded police beats to help address the problem.
    “The reason we need a police beat (close to the hospitals) is if there’s an incident police can come straight over and charge them. It will scare people and stop a lot of this violence,” she said.”: Attacked nurses, doctors and paramedics with ‘brain bleeds’ caused by violent drug addicts.
  • Nine News Brisbane reported, “A Queensland MP insists she hasn’t been moonlighting as a nurse in contravention of her registration conditions. Ros Bates, a former nurse, says she shadowed clinical team co-ordinators around two Gold Coast Hospitals during two shifts in October because she had received complaints about security issues in the emergency departments. The Mudgeeraba MP says she wrote to Health Minister Cameron Dick about her concerns and was given permission to work in an observational capacity. “I was just being a politician who happens to be a nurse who was very interested in what was happening,” she said.”: I wasn’t moonlighting as nurse: Qld MP.

‘You are so up yourself’ says Bleijie

  • Amy Remeikis reported, “While Opposition MP Tim Nicholls accused Mr Dick of the “worst case of bullying I have ever seen”, the Member for Kawana was more incensed yelling “you are so up yourself” as the Health Minister attempted to complete his statement, causing the chamber to erupt.”: Parliament chaos over Bates moonlighting argument.

Langbroek addresses children in the gallery


(November 10, 2015) – New taskforce formed against child exploitation

Taskforce Orion

  • Nick Wiggins reported, “Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart says overseas specialists may be required for a new taskforce to crack child pornography networks. The Queensland Government confirmed it would fund Taskforce Orion with $3.2 million saved from the recent organised crime inquiry, which wrapped up under budget.”: New child pornography taskforce may require overseas expertise, police commissioner reveals.
  • Kristian Silva reported, “The Queensland Government will spend $3.2 million to set up a new taskforce to crack down on the internet’s worst and most sophisticated child exploitation predators.”: Palaszczuk announces new funds to fight online child exploitation.
Tegan George reported: New Operation Orion formed to tackle child exploitation.

Tegan George reported: New Operation Orion formed to tackle child exploitation.

How we let Tialeigh Palmer down

  • Louise Taylor wrote, “When we talk about violence against women, not all victims are equal. That’s the reality, whether feminists on the left want to admit it or conservatives on the right understand it. How women are treated when they seek assistance matters. We can cheer high-profile media ladies who put violence against women in a fabulous dress but, unless we drill down, little will change for women who won’t ever grace the inside of a glossy magazine.”: For six days, Tiahleigh Palmer’s loved ones waited for police to act. Not all victims are equal.

Anti-smoking laws tightened

  • Amy Remeikis wrote, “Federal Labor may want to increase the taxes on smokers, but the Palaszczuk Government hopes to turn Queensland into the biggest no smoking area in the nation. Health Minister Cameron Dick announced the latest anti-smoking legislation for the state, to be introduced on Tuesday, which will see smoking banned at and around children’s sporting events, skate parks, childcare centres, residential care facilities, national parks, public swimming pools, pedestrian malls, bus and ferry stops, and increase the buffer zone at doorways from four to five metres.”: Queensland to have toughest anti-smoking laws in Australia.


  • Emma McBryde reported, “TAFE students have had their personal details accessed in a security breach to TAFE Queensland Department of Education and Training websites. But Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath said no credit card information or other financial details were accessed. She told parliament the details hacked was information available on public websites, such as the White Pages.”: TAFE students’ personal details accessed in IT hack.
Lauren Day reported: Thousands of Queensland TAFE students have had their personal information hacked.

Lauren Day reported: Thousands of Queensland TAFE students have had their personal information hacked.


(November 9, 2015) – New Carmichael coalmine challenge

Australian Conservation Foundation take approval to federal court


(November 8, 2015) – Change to proposed lockout laws

Comprehensive, better and a change

  • Amy Remeikis reported, “Staring down the barrel of its first major legislative defeat, the Queensland government’s new policy to tackle alcohol fuelled violence is “comprehensive”, “better” and a “change”. Just don’t call it a compromise. The new policy, announced by Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath and Stafford MP Anthony Lynham on Sunday, will see a 2am last drinks policy rolled out across the state, except in designated Safe Night precincts.”: New liquor laws a change, but no compromise – Labor.