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THE 2022 FEDERAL election voting day is almost upon us.

This has been a relatively dismal campaign for ventilating and illuminating, in detail, the parties’ and independents’ actual policies. There’s a kind of media lip service paid to the theory that, in our democracy, we should get to judge whom to vote for around their policies, but sadly, the reality is otherwise.

We, as citizens, are left mostly in the dark with broad generalisations and abstractions wrapped in slippery promises.

However, in this last week of the election campaign, the great steaming mess that is the housing crisis in Australia, including home affordability, homelessness, rental stress and the acute shortage of housing stock has become a slightly more prominent point of contention between the coalition and Labor.

Unfortunately, their actual policy focus has been very narrow, you could say almost paltry.

Peter Mares is a leading researcher and writer on the housing crisis in Australia.

His book No Place Like Home: repairing Australia’s housing crisis was published in 2018.

Peter is Program Director with the Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership

He speaks with Peter Clarke about the competing Housing policies, such as the are, of the major parties contesting this election but much more.


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