Reports of Maryborough’s death have been greatly exaggerated: @Davelennonabc on the #malleevotes trail with @malleeray

Democracy is a funny thing. These days few would argue against the concept of one vote, one value. The age of the gerrymander is over, in Australia anyway. But in order to keep things straight the Australian Electoral Commission periodically reviews the boundaries of seats that get outside the margins. All well and good: democracy, […]

Why I stuffed up a perfectly good semi-retirement to help @malleeray win: @Davelennonabc on #malleevotes

Before the why let’s have a look at the how. At the end of last year I was happily cruising to the end of my time at the ABC when the Andrew Broad scandal erupted. Our local MP in sex scandal. Well I never… and neither did anyone else! It just so happened that on […]

Broad disapproval of Nats fuels challenge from #MalleeVotes local candidate @MalleeRay: @Davelennonabc reports on #IndependentsDay #ausvotes

This post kicks off regular #malleevotes blogs between now and the federal election. The seat of Mallee is a huge 81,962 square kilometres, or put another way if you jump in a car in Mildura at one end of the electorate and drive to Maryborough at the other, you won’t have much change out of […]