[caption id="attachment_41217" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Independent candidate for Hume, Huw Kingston who is taking on the Minister for Energy, Angus Taylor. Photo: Twitter @Huw4Hume[/caption]

Climate action independent Huw Kingston (@Huw4Hume) is challenging Liberal government Energy Minister, Angus Taylor.
Kingston is opposing the Adani coal mine and supports a target of 60% renewables by 2035.
Kingston is calling for a national Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling with the potential inclusion of other ailing river systems.

10.2% margin
Area: 17,240 sq km
Location: South West NSW
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Hume on Wikipedia
Huw Kingston: website

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Huw Kingston (@Huw4Hume) describes himself as a small businessman, an adventurer, an environmentalist and a writer. But everything changed for him the day Malcolm Turnbull was rolled as prime minister, and, further influenced by his responsibility as a grandfather, Huw decided to run as an Independent in the NSW electorate of Hume. Huw spoke with […]

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