Charlie Caruso

Charlie Caruso

Citizen Journalist and author/editor of Understanding Y, who obsesses over the idea of re-engineering the political system, Charlie was head of global growth for MiVote, is an avid #auspol Tweeter and passionate about political disruption and improving the way we make decisions in Australia. "Right now, we’re all on a plane, and we've realised the pilot is drunk. The election is our opportunity to get the drunk pilot out of the cockpit and hand over to one that’s flown the plane before and can get us down safely," she said.
Charlie Caruso
What I am REALLY interested in is re-engineering a new kind of plane that doesn't allow drunk pilots to even get into the cockpit. One that requires a new kind of pilot, new kind of pilot training, more fuel efficient and goes longer, feels better etc. You’ll hear a lot from me on this, once #ausvotes2019 is over. Disclaimer - I’ve been a member of the Liberals, Labor, Greens, and have preferenced the Independents and minor/micro parties almost exclusively. I don’t see political colours, but I keep an eye on the actions and try to fight against the dysfunction across the political rainbow.

Charlie Caruso (@CharliCaruso) interviews Independent candidate for the West Australian seat of Tangney Dr Jill Horton (@DrJillianHorton).

The electorate of Tangney was named after Dame Dorothy Tangney, first female member of the Australian Senate, and is at present a safe Liberal seat. It is currently held by Ben Morton a former state director of the Liberal Party.

Charlie caught up with Jill at her practice, where’s for nearly 30 years she worked as a clinical psychologist and researcher in mental health.

I want Australia to find its heart and moral compass again. I want government policies which reflect decency and compassion to all levels of society and to those in need. I want the ‘lean and mean’ style of governance of our people and our land to stop.

Dr Jillian Horton

The top four issues Dr Horton is passionate about are:-

  • Mental health
  • Climate change
  • Higher education funding
  • Job Security and supporting a living wage

Please click on the below links to support Dr Horton’s campaign efforts in the WA seat of Tangney and follow #TangneyVotes on Twitter.

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